Fitbit Launches Latest Software Update For A Smart Fitness Tracking

Fitbit launches the latest software update for Fitbit Charge HR & Fitbit Surge. The software is expected to track fitness easier, more convenient and faster for better fitness training. Among the smart features of the software, include the SmartTrack, which makes use of a sensor for a smarter work out. This customized software is built based on your work out activities. It automatically records your movements such as walking and running and tracks them once the app is turned on. It also features a precise heart-rate monitor, called Pure Pulse. It is now available for all Android, iOS and Windows platforms.

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Audials One 2016 Out Now

Audials One, the best in media streaming, collecting, saving and recording software, is now out with greater features! The latest generation Audials One 2016 is made to keep up with the advances in technology and user demands. Moving forward, it has better updates to give you a more pleasurable experience.

What’s New?

  • Improved artist directory that lets you combine multiple wishlists
  • Better music search that loads up charts and samplers at double speed
  • Automatically tags recordings of your favorite movies and TV series
  • Better recording of your favorite music services
  • Mass recording options, and include new radio news and radio timer and so on…
  • Can now support up to 85 file formats and recognize 84 device profiles, adapting to multiple device types that include gaming consoles, smartphones and PC…
  • New video library with multiple options for collecting and enjoying your favorite movies
  • Better music features and functions

The new generation of Audials 2016 now also has a better appearance and design, letting you to customize its user interface skin according to your mood. Aside from this cool feature, it now has a better recording component, working compatibly with most audio and video services. You can also add charts to your wishlist with its auto update feature and experience its new automatic recorder with the most recent coding for all protected streams.

With the new generation Audials One, you can also use the software in up to three Windows computer with your license key. And then, all upcoming updates from Audials One onwards will be free of charge.

Other Improvements

  • More radio stations
  • Social news access through Audials Facebook and Twitter
  • Radio station blacklisting, allowing you to delete a radio station you don’t want to see
  • Big loyalty discounts
  • Optimized recording
  • Double speed media saving, recording and collecting
  • Advanced converter
  • Organized video library
  • Offers and recognizes popular clouds as sources

What are you waiting for? Take control of the media universe at your fingertips with the most innovative Audials One 2016 ever!

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Microsoft Office 2016 Now Available for Public Preview

Microsoft users will be thrilled as the company finally unveils Office 2016 for public preview. To test the software, the company opens it to be downloaded. Among the anticipated features of the latest software is users’ ability to utilize it online with real-time, which was only used by to Office Online before.

Microsoft Office 2016 aims to bring a more improved office experience to its users for both Mac and Windows users, and for other machinessuch as iPad and Android tabs. However, developers note that the full features will not be utilized in the preview not until its official release in autumn of 2015 and there are possibilities of bugs.

Source: Hexus

Microsoft Flood Updates To Users

tool2Seven security updates will be delivered to the customers of Microsoft this week, sources said, and those will include users of Windows, Lync, Office and Internet Explorer.  Before such updates, the Windows 8.1 devices that depend on Windows for updates and for patches obtaining must move to the latest Windows 8.1 Update, the latest interim upgrade last April.  For the critical IE, it will include a patch for a vulnerability that went on slightly public last month. To learn more about this story, check out the source.

Source: Computer World

Microsoft Changes Adware Policies

compupter6Recently, Microsoft launches new policies for detecting, classifying and managing all adware programs with their security software. The company gives three months to all developers to conform to their new policies to avoid being blocked by the company’s suite of products. Interestingly enough, Microsoft does make it easier and faster for all developers to include advertising into the Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 users. Check out the full version of the story from the source.

Source: Computer World

Microsoft Soon To Furnish Malware Tool For XP

tool2There are certain things as to how sensitive data can be wiped out from your drive. These are all possible through blast furnaces, sledgehammers, degaussers and other secure-deletion software. These kinds of tools may vary in its effectiveness as to how it’s applied to a hard drive, a solid-state drive and flash drives as well as its subsequent usability. Microsoft has indicated that it will continuously furnish a malware software assassin for XP users up until the first half of 2015. Aside from that, the latest security news indicates that corporations are continuously receiving threats from cyber criminals. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

Source: IDG

Windows 8: Is this the End of the Microsoft OS?

Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 will mark “the end” of the computer industry’s dominant OS due to increasing competition and choice sparked by alternatives, CEO Marc Benioff predicted Friday.

Years ago, “a common phrase was, ‘the Windows 7 upgrade cycle,'” Benioff added. “You’re not going to hear about the Windows 8 upgrade cycle. I’m not saying that as a big, aggressive statement against Microsoft, that’s just the reality of today’s environment.”

Windows has become “irrelevant,” being displaced by next-generation LTE wireless networks that will “disintermediate” the need for WANs and LANs, along with “all of these great services that are available right off the cloud.”

A Microsoft representative declined to comment on Benioff’s remarks.

Source: InfoWorld

Happy Birthday Windows 25 Years

Today it’s 25 years since the first version of Windows was launched.

Windows 1.0 was launched November 20th 1985, one year after apple released the first graphic operating system. Win 1.0 worked as a simple shell on top of dos 2.0.

windows 1.0

In the first Windows you couldn’t put windows on top of each other but instead had to move them around like a jigsaw puzzle.

In November 1987 Windows 2.0 was launched where Microsoft fixed this issue and could now use overlapping windows.

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