HTC to Launch HTC Preview

After its decline, it is expected for HTC to come up with a project campaign to reconnect with its customers across the globe. This is after HTC’s announcements about its latest preview program called HTC Preview, wherein clients and interested individuals can view the company’s unreleased devices and software. In this program, users will be able to test those devices for a trial.

The HTC Preview aims to find people with interest in design and innate passion for technology development. The website is open for registration. Once you registered, you will be able to sign in for their product testing.  It is now available in US, Europe and Asia.

Source: The Next Web

Audials One 2016 Out Now

Audials One, the best in media streaming, collecting, saving and recording software, is now out with greater features! The latest generation Audials One 2016 is made to keep up with the advances in technology and user demands. Moving forward, it has better updates to give you a more pleasurable experience.

What’s New?

  • Improved artist directory that lets you combine multiple wishlists
  • Better music search that loads up charts and samplers at double speed
  • Automatically tags recordings of your favorite movies and TV series
  • Better recording of your favorite music services
  • Mass recording options, and include new radio news and radio timer and so on…
  • Can now support up to 85 file formats and recognize 84 device profiles, adapting to multiple device types that include gaming consoles, smartphones and PC…
  • New video library with multiple options for collecting and enjoying your favorite movies
  • Better music features and functions

The new generation of Audials 2016 now also has a better appearance and design, letting you to customize its user interface skin according to your mood. Aside from this cool feature, it now has a better recording component, working compatibly with most audio and video services. You can also add charts to your wishlist with its auto update feature and experience its new automatic recorder with the most recent coding for all protected streams.

With the new generation Audials One, you can also use the software in up to three Windows computer with your license key. And then, all upcoming updates from Audials One onwards will be free of charge.

Other Improvements

  • More radio stations
  • Social news access through Audials Facebook and Twitter
  • Radio station blacklisting, allowing you to delete a radio station you don’t want to see
  • Big loyalty discounts
  • Optimized recording
  • Double speed media saving, recording and collecting
  • Advanced converter
  • Organized video library
  • Offers and recognizes popular clouds as sources

What are you waiting for? Take control of the media universe at your fingertips with the most innovative Audials One 2016 ever!

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Reasons Not to Update on Nexus Lollipop Release Day

compupter6With all the software updates coming in this last quarter, Nexus gave users ultimate reasons to update their devises to Android L or Android 5.0, collectively known as Lollipop. If you are still into Lollipop intro, better get yourself familiar with it. It is also a huge help for you to have a clean device and avoid bugs in the future. And of course, if your device is a little bit outdated, you seriously need an update. It can also make your device perform better, especially when you are using high-end apps. It also helps traveling and unprepared users to avoid data hacking.

Source: Gotta be mobile

The Adobe Photoshop Elements 13

tool2Today, Adobo Photoshop Elements, which is available for $99.99, continues to get smarter, more helpful and stronger. The said app enables beginners to create advanced Photoshop effects easily and at the same time offering a sophisticated tool that includes masks, color management and layers. Part of Photoshop’s magic has been trickled down into Elements such as smart object selection, content-aware manipulations and customized eye popping filter effects. Most common processes like black and white editing and cropping were boosted in the version 13 of the software. What’s also good about the software is the Facebook specific tool, enabling the user to have an edge when it comes to sharing photos. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

Source: PC Mag

MINOR UPDATE: Snagit v12.2 for PC and Snagit 3.2 for Mac

It has always been the main goal of Snagit to make things as easy and as light for all users no matter how technically knowledgeable they are. With the most recent versions, the tool introduces a new and faster learning curve to communicate ideas in a snap!

What’s New for Snagit v12.2 for PC and 3.2 for Mac

  1. Light theme for Windows wherein users can choose a theme that works best for them, light or dark for the canvas.
  2. A newly improved scrolling function for Windows
  3. Enabled batch saving for images (Mac) to the file format you desire
  4. Autosave location for Windows
  5. A newly improved video capture function that works best for stabilizing it for Mac
  6. And more….

Here’s a Glimpse

There you have a few of the recent innovations that our favorite snagging tool on the planet has in store. Get the most of Snagit by upgrading HERE today!


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Andreessen Horowitz Remains Optimistic on Hardware Startups

users1Andreessen Horowitz is optimistic with the latest resurrection of hardware startups, yet he is still cautious about the sector. He said that a hardware company is harder to scale and build than a software company. He also indicated that there’s a much bigger chance that hardware may blow up on in such a non-recoverable passion.

He said that he even argued about the topic that hardware was the new software with Chris Dixon. He clearly indicated that it’s labeled as hardware for some reason. He even advices the younger ones looking to build a drone company to partner with a veteran.

Source: Pando Daily


FlexNet Manager for Oracle

tool2Today, the leading provider of application usage management solutions, Flexera Software, unveiled FlexNet Manager for Oracle. This is a new Software License Optimization solution that is included in the FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises. It would deliver a complete optimization capability for all of Oracle’s critical applications. This includes the main Oracle database product like WebLogic, E-Business Suite, and Tuxedo. This would provide Oracle a better understanding of a company’s Oracle license. This would certainly allow Oracle to manage their licenses in a very minimal time.

Source: Market Wired