eVestment Reveals Its New Glenridge Point Headquarters  

With the objective of housing more employees and tech experts, eVestment, the company that manufactures Marietta software unveiled its latest Atlanta headquarters. The place has additional rooftop terrace, public and wider spaces, and open areas where employees to work more conveniently. The said facility is expected to be a part of eVestment’s plan to expand in Georgia in the coming years. The facility is located at 100 Glenridge Point Parkway and designed by architect Cooper Carry. Glenridge Point has been in the development stage for suburban offices recently. Tech ventures are coming in the city to build their spaces, which is expected to generate more jobs in the area.

Source: Biz Journals

Latest Health Software From Apple To Change Medical Research

compupter6Several months after Apple launched ResearchKit,a digital tool that patients wear to gather health data, Mount Sinai, the hospital that pioneered in using the tool has issues a statement announcing that the researchers who tested the tool were fascinated about the result.

The initial study was conducted over 8600 respondents, with majority are asthma patients. Among the results’ conclusion include patients were motivated to exercise as they can track their progress. The ResearchKit is a wearable that enables patients to track their health condition. It can also be connected with an Iphone. Although they are aware of the limitation, they emphasize the usefulness of this technology.

SOURCE: Business Insider

Google Glass Soon

Google+Today, new software is being developed which enables you to mark some places as an off limits through wearable camera equipments such as Google Glass. Since more recording devices become a common thing, security and privacy concerns should be tackled. Google Glass is destined for release in this year. This technology is on its prototype version. It’s something that could truly change how photos as well as videos are looked at. The gadget enables you to generate visual diaries, aid people with memory problems and boost drive for self-improvement. For more about this, go to the source.

Source: MIT Technology Review