Software For Better Smartphones Performance Without Draining The Battery 

Watch your favorite HD videos without wearing your batteries down immediately with the latest software 4K from Kogakuin University and Fujitsu from Japan. This software aims to decrease the power level consumed by smartphones when playing ultra HD videos. It has the ability to display Ultra HD at 30 frames per second (fps) and is expected to increase by 60fps in the future. Currently, Xperia Z5 is the single smartphone in the market that can support 4K screen. But it is expected to change in the future with the latest tech from Kogakuin University and Fujitsu. The software is on its early stage but will be developed for a simpler and cheaper version.

Source: CNET

Audials One 2016 Out Now

Audials One, the best in media streaming, collecting, saving and recording software, is now out with greater features! The latest generation Audials One 2016 is made to keep up with the advances in technology and user demands. Moving forward, it has better updates to give you a more pleasurable experience.

What’s New?

  • Improved artist directory that lets you combine multiple wishlists
  • Better music search that loads up charts and samplers at double speed
  • Automatically tags recordings of your favorite movies and TV series
  • Better recording of your favorite music services
  • Mass recording options, and include new radio news and radio timer and so on…
  • Can now support up to 85 file formats and recognize 84 device profiles, adapting to multiple device types that include gaming consoles, smartphones and PC…
  • New video library with multiple options for collecting and enjoying your favorite movies
  • Better music features and functions

The new generation of Audials 2016 now also has a better appearance and design, letting you to customize its user interface skin according to your mood. Aside from this cool feature, it now has a better recording component, working compatibly with most audio and video services. You can also add charts to your wishlist with its auto update feature and experience its new automatic recorder with the most recent coding for all protected streams.

With the new generation Audials One, you can also use the software in up to three Windows computer with your license key. And then, all upcoming updates from Audials One onwards will be free of charge.

Other Improvements

  • More radio stations
  • Social news access through Audials Facebook and Twitter
  • Radio station blacklisting, allowing you to delete a radio station you don’t want to see
  • Big loyalty discounts
  • Optimized recording
  • Double speed media saving, recording and collecting
  • Advanced converter
  • Organized video library
  • Offers and recognizes popular clouds as sources

What are you waiting for? Take control of the media universe at your fingertips with the most innovative Audials One 2016 ever!

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The Perks Of Being A Software Engineer At Pinterest

A software engineer from an advertising company shared his experience since he sign up for Pinterest. He shared that he enjoys the liberty of controlling his billing system since he increased followers and advertisers for his company using this photo sharing social media platform. He also shared the advantage of being spam free of the platform, which helps him integrate processes and workflows easier than ever.

Other advertisers and managers have also been using their self-serve platform he designed and he and his group have been gaining positive feedbacks so far. Billing related processes were interlinked systematically, making invoice-sharing easier for Ads stack.

Source: Forbes

Guidewire Software To Add GMC Software

tool2GMC Software Technology, a country wide leader in the field of customer communications and Guidewire Software, Inc. announced their partnership in a merging called Solution Partner. Aside from this, GMC is also set to join the Ready for Guidewire accelerator validation campaign.The partnership aims to improve communication between the company and its Insurance clients, thus providing a more satisfactory service. Through this partnership, client insurers’ claims will be processed faster.

GMC Software is a known partner for several businesses such as banks, healthcare and insurance providers across the globe while Guidewire Software is known for its software and accelerator processes.

Source: Market Watch

New Software Partnership: Deloitte and Tableau

computer2Deloitte Consulting LLP recently announced its partnership with Tableau Software, the leading company in rapid-fire and analytics.  The partnership aims to enhance Deloitte’s analytics ability to provide such service to its clients.  The company aims to provide its clients the best experience and smooth processes when it comes to analytics.

The said partnership is expected to expand the company’s information technology clientele as well as its market penetration management. Meanwhile, Deloitte’s IT capabilities are seen to complement Tableau’s analytics methodologies and clientele as well. Tableau’s clients will be provided with the software while Deloitte will help them understand the processes and how it will benefit their business.

Source: PR News Wire

Latest Health Software From Apple To Change Medical Research

compupter6Several months after Apple launched ResearchKit,a digital tool that patients wear to gather health data, Mount Sinai, the hospital that pioneered in using the tool has issues a statement announcing that the researchers who tested the tool were fascinated about the result.

The initial study was conducted over 8600 respondents, with majority are asthma patients. Among the results’ conclusion include patients were motivated to exercise as they can track their progress. The ResearchKit is a wearable that enables patients to track their health condition. It can also be connected with an Iphone. Although they are aware of the limitation, they emphasize the usefulness of this technology.

SOURCE: Business Insider

Cisco Kit Now Available With Software-defined WAN ServiceFrom Verizon

compupter6Verizon launches its latest software-defined managed WAN service which is now available in the Cisco kit. The software is a controller-less and is more manageable than its previous version. The software also features combined and optimized architecture and application management to deliver a more improved software performance. It also provides intelligent control to use both MPLS and internet connections

In developing the software, Verizon has evaluated the Cisco’s application manual and policy which was launched in January last year. The software is expected to be one of the successful products of Verizon as 15 Fortune 500 clients are targeted to use the same platform.

Source: Network World

Software With The Heart Of A Painter

tool2People have seen what software can do – it can create stories, films, solutions and among other things. But software that can paint like a real artist with subjective heart is new to everyone. Simon Colton, a professor from the University of Londoncreated The Painting Fool, software with the ability to interpret and mimic the behavior of an artist who draws from his heart.  The software works by scanning a specific website, film or video clips and create its own character by interpreting the mood of the article or story. The software examines the story itself based on human emotions.

Source: Radio NZ

Initial Impressions on Apple’s Newest Mobile OS

tool2With all the software development that continuously evolves these days, Apple’s newest software (iOS 9) for iPhone’s and iPad’s is one of the most awaited in the market today. Based from the reports that surfaced recently, its users would be able to download the software whether it is initiated by the user or via a prompt on their devices. All devices from iPhone 4 on wards would be receiving a notification about the software update.

The models iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus would come pre-installed with the said software, while older iPhone models would get it via a free upgrade.  The biggest and highly anticipated new feature of it is Apple News where publishers can directly send stories to its consumers. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

Source: Sky News

What You Need to Know about the Newest Software from Apple

appleAny iPhone user must be excited about the launching of Apple’s new mobile software – iOS 9. The software upgrade for it is believed to make internet browsing or activities more fun and a lot faster. Here is what you need to know about it.

First, how can users like you get it from Apple? Well, Apple indicated that users will be prompted to perform a software upgrade sometime on Wednesday, but for those who wish to take matters into their own hands can do it manually by going into the settings menu, then the general tab and choosing software upgrade in the end. For more information on this post, go to the source.

Source: Time