Software For Better Smartphones Performance Without Draining The Battery 

Watch your favorite HD videos without wearing your batteries down immediately with the latest software 4K from Kogakuin University and Fujitsu from Japan. This software aims to decrease the power level consumed by smartphones when playing ultra HD videos. It has the ability to display Ultra HD at 30 frames per second (fps) and is expected to increase by 60fps in the future. Currently, Xperia Z5 is the single smartphone in the market that can support 4K screen. But it is expected to change in the future with the latest tech from Kogakuin University and Fujitsu. The software is on its early stage but will be developed for a simpler and cheaper version.

Source: CNET

Latest Software For Tracking Down Lost Smartphones 

tool2Avast Security introduced “theftie”, the newest software that allows users to track their lost or stone smartphones. The software is usually installed safely on the device that even a factory reset will not be able to uninstall it. The software works by sending a signal to the server on the location of the device. Avast server will trigger the software and the phone will emanate a siren sound, indicating that its not with the owner.

The group from Avast Mobile Software left 10 phones both in NY and San Francisco to try how effective the software is. Although they won’t be able to get the phones back, they managed to locate the devices, which they located in India and Dominican Republic.

Source: ABC

New Smartphones From Microsoft

users1Fresh from the box – Microsoft is set to unveil its latest version of Lumia, the Lumia 950, and the Lumia 950 XL. Lumia 950 features processor of hexa-core Qualcomm, in a 5.2-inch screen while while 950 XL features octa-core Qualcomm in 5.7-inch. The two devices have 20-megapixel camera with the highest technology in optical image stabilization.

These smartphones also feature a ‘glance screen’, which allows user to have quick look of the notifications received. Just like any other Microsoft phones, Windows runs these smartphones, which is the Windows 10 OS. There is also the latest Windows Hello and the Windows Continuum – the latest OS’ new additional feature.

Source: CNET

New Software that Converts Wi-Fi Signals into Sounds

Good JobToday, Frank Swain, who is a Freelance Science writer in the United Kingdom, has come into the development of software that helps the deaf people hear again. According to sources, Frank was able to convert locally found Wi-Fi signals into good quality audible sounds with the help of sound Artist Jones. The new software called Phantom Terrains is designed to work with Smarthphones and digital hearing aids.

The software is well capable of decoding analyzing data from nearby locations. After which, the sounds are then transformed into audible sounds. For more information on this post, go to the source.

Source: IBN Live

Android L Release Date and Update Information: Google Nexus Devices May Get New Software First

compupter6Get ready Android phone users for the latest Android L scheduled to be released in mid-October. The latest version is expected to feature a new interface and flawless animations. Among other additions include more improved battery life and 64-bit processors. Android L is by far the biggest update from Google – much bigger since Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich.

One of the pioneer smartphones to use Android L is HTC Nexus 9 tablet to be launched in mid-October while Nexus 6 or Nexus X will be available at the end of the month. Among other smartphones to use Android L are HTC One and HTC One (M8), Moto G and Moto X o Motorola, Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4.

Source: IB Times

Xiaomi to Launch New MIUI Update Just like iOS7

Xiaomi, China’s largest smartphone manufacturer will be launching its MIUI6, its latest OS update. The OS is said to be the same as iOS7 of Apple. MIUI 6 is believed to have the same controls, features, interface and speed of iOS7. Xiaomi has been getting the market attention with its attempt to manufacture smartphones and tablets with similar look to iPhone and iPad. With today’s new MIUI6, Android users are expecting better gadget experience in an Apple-like device. Xiaomi management is excited about the update. It has over 70 million users worldwide and is further planning to introduce their products in the US early 2015.

Source: HNQN

Suspected Criminals to be Identified ‘in seconds’ by Police Facial Recognition Software

Good JobNeoFace, software that identifies suspects based on facial recognition is now on a six-month trial in the Leicestershire Police in UK. Designed by NEC, NeoFace captures pictures from CCTV, digital cameras and smartphones. It matches them to the police’s database of 92,000 possible suspects. The software focuses on highly-similar parts of the face using a facial recognition, providing a very close match – even with a mask or glasses on.

The software has been utilized in 200 events trial, providing the identity of suspects in seconds in 45% of several cases. Several countries now use the system to hunt down criminals.

Source: Telegraph

Security Holes Annoy Android Users

Li Bei is planning to get rid of any Android-based smartphone after he was bombarded with malware and pop-up ads. According to him, he was in really big trouble after he downloaded multiple games coming from the Android apps store. He added that the software had conflicts with one another, leading him to delete spams the next week. According to him, he noticed that the last straw of it shut down his android phone. What’s worse is that it deleted all of his contacts. If you’re thinking that he is alone, think again. Back in 2013, more than 700,000 malware apps or programs were found residing in the mobile cyberspace. For more information on this post, go to the source.

Source: ECNS

KitKat Mobile Updates

tool2Android users are crazy of the Kit Kat 4.4 that should come with the Nexus 5, which is the latest handset from the maker and the 2nd ever product produced by LG. The company, Nestle said in a statement “Android 4.4 KitKat is available from October.” Reviewers said that KitKat has a good looking UI. Check out more of this story on Know Your Mobile.

Source: Know Your Mobile

BlackBerry for Sale?

BlackBerry recently announced that it is being sold for $4.7 billion. In that same week, Samsung talks about how it will grab the company’s old database of industry buyers and business executives. They are set to release a cache of API’s or Application Programming Interfaces, at the same time working with venture software companies, which would allow them to tweak it’s programs using some unique features into Samsung devices. This move would spell further fragmenting into the Android platform. This also allows them to set themselves apart from the rest of field when it comes to integrating  software onto their devices.

Source: Forbes