An Open Letter To Samsung

An open letter to Samsung is circulating over the web today. In the letter, the sender congratulates the company for its new appointed executive, Dongjin Koh, who promised to make innovations in smartphone manufacturing. The letter also called for the company’s attention to improve its product, especially the ‘bloated and unwanted preinstalled apps’ in their phones, especially their flagship product Galaxy S4.

The letter weighs the declining features of Samsung’s devices and discusses how it affects consumers – today and in a long run. At the end of the letter, the anonymous sender asked the company to prioritize the quality of its products.

Source: CNET

Samsung To Keep Up With Apple In The SmartwatchIndustry

computer2After its first smartwatch launched in 2013, Samsung has introduced its Gear S2, a wearable that will compete with Apple Watch in November. Apple Watch out staged Samsung in smartwatch market, gaining 76 percent of the market shares since its launching date. Gear S2’s 3G wireless connection is expected to compete with Apple’s sophisticated device when it comes to apps.

Apple Watch features mobile mobile-payments system and iOS connectivity. This device is also popular with Android and Windows software users. Although the market is uncertain, it is still to decide whether Gear S2 will determine the South Korea’s tech giant’s redemption in the smartwatch market.

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New Update on Android 5.0 Lollipop Released

The Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active are both up for a new update released by the Korean tech giant. According to previous reports, Samsung has reached a groundbreaking achievement in the United States of America when Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, U.S. Cellular, and T-Mobile, the five major carriers in USA, all released the software update for Samsung’s flagship smartphones. Other territories that have also been up to date with the recent updates include Croatia, Ireland, Italy, Indonesia, Colombia, and New Zealand. In this digital age, keep updated with more recent software releases at Tech Times.

Source: Tech Times

Android 5.0. Lollipop Software Update Now Available for New Samsung Galaxy S5

compupter6Sprint, one of the major US distributors and carriers of Samsung Galaxy S5 has released the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop update for all S5 users. The software has fixed the most common problems on S5 such as fast battery drain, overheating and other performance issues that users experienced since the initial update release in February.

Among other features of the update is the factory reset. Experts said that performing factory reset protects the stolen or lost devices, as it will not function without the owner’s Google account signing.  As Samsung has acknowledged the issue, they open their lines of communication for any concerns related to the update.

Source: Tech Times

Samsung’s Big Reveal

Samsung, a corporate giant in Smart Phones is reported to be hosting an event to launch the Galaxy S6 or the Galaxy S Edge at the MWC 2015. This new model and phone unit may be welcomes with new updates and new software features. The TouchWiz Technology is reported to be part of this major overhaul. It comes with more theming options, upgraded keyboard, colourful apps, a more extensive app drawer.

These phones, rumoured to have very innovative designs with a rumoured curve display. Leaked information suggests that these phones will be launched sometime between March 22 to March 30th this year.

Source: Android Pit

Tizen Powered Smartphone Unveiled by Samsung

confirmed1With the number of Android- powered devices flooding the market, Samsung chose to differ and took the risk of offering a Tizen- powered smartphone.

Said to be an alternative to Google’s Android, Tizen operating system shows a promising future now that one of the world’s competitive gadget company has chosen to use it.

The new smartphone is called Samsung Z1, which will be priced as an entry- level phone at less than $100. Aside from smartphones, Samsung is also planning to make Tizen a part of their other devices like their home appliances and their line of wearable devices. Hopefully, this will help the company become an established brand in trying to connect home devices to one another and truly claim their spot as a leader in the Internet of things”.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Samsung to Capitalize on Smart TVs

compupter6Challenged by the software giant Google, Samsung will unveil Web-connected television sets at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Samsung is trying to reinvent itself as not only a big name in the world of appliances but also as a frontrunner in making smart homes through their internet-connected products. They will demonstrate how the appliances can connect with each other using the internet. They are truly eyeing up the possibility of taking a share on the $7 trillion market.  According to its co-Chief Executive Officer Kwon Oh Hyun, the employees need to improve its future competitiveness by way of pushing their initiatives in making “smart home” and “smart health” their business.

Source: Bloomberg

BlackBerry Unveils Latest Software and its Partnership with Samsung

Reading-StickerToday, BlackBerry is teaming up with a handset maker that they’ve battled fiercely in the past. Many people thought that it is impossible, but BlackBerry Ltd and Samsung Electronics Company have come into a partnership. The said agreement took place at a media event last Thursday in San Francisco. The move would enable Blackberry’s security standards brought into Samsung’s smartphones.

This move is considered as an onslaught for the company’s announcements to become the leader in management services for smartphones. This includes iPhones, BlackBerry or Android devices. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

Source: The Globe and Mail

Gadget Watch: Samsung Gear S smartwatch

compupter6Samsung launched its latest Gear S smartwatch that features a more convenient way of wearing and connecting your device closer to you. With Gear S, you can connect your smartphone to receive calls, listen to music and even create voice commands. You can also pair it with your Bluetooth devices such as headphones for an easier mode of communication.The bestselling point of this device is its portability. You can wear it, listen to music and get notifications right away without holding your phone. It has also a dual-core 1GHz processor with 512Mbyte RAM (Samsung Tizen, 50mmcurved OLED display, 4Gbyte flash and a 3G connection.

Source: Electronics Weekly

New Chinese Smartphone Market Leader

Last year, Xiaomi is almost unknown and obscure as a Chinese Smartphone maker. However, during the last quarter, the company has now become the leader and top seller in the biggest Smartphone market in the world today, China. Based from a report that was published by Canalys last Monday, Xiaomi showed a remarkable growth. The company has now surpassed and beaten giants like Lenovo and Samsung, becoming the top player amongst Smartphone makers in China. In addition, the company reached further milestones by being the fifth biggest manufacturer in the world. For more information about this post, go to the source.

Source: The New York Times