HTC to Launch HTC Preview

After its decline, it is expected for HTC to come up with a project campaign to reconnect with its customers across the globe. This is after HTC’s announcements about its latest preview program called HTC Preview, wherein clients and interested individuals can view the company’s unreleased devices and software. In this program, users will be able to test those devices for a trial.

The HTC Preview aims to find people with interest in design and innate passion for technology development. The website is open for registration. Once you registered, you will be able to sign in for their product testing.  It is now available in US, Europe and Asia.

Source: The Next Web

Track How Updated Your Device is using the latest T-Mobile Software

computer2T-Mobile introduces its latest Android update-tracking software. The software aims to provide users the latest about Android updates, latest software and upgrades. Among its features is graphically illustrated process of upgrading your devices.  Users just have to click on their device model and the system will search the latest update for you by linking your device model to the page where you can find the information about the much-awaited update. Tutorials are also available for manual updating. Among the devices with corresponding update tracker are Galaxy Note 4 and HTC One M8.This latest system only proves that T-Mobile puts its customers’ welfare first.

Source: PC World

Galaxy S5 to Get Software Update in the UK

After Google launched Android 5.0 Lollipop for its devices, Samsung has made the update available for Galaxy S5 models and handsets in the UK have started receiving the updates in January. Other companies like HTC and Motorola promised to send out the same software update for their own devices soon.

While the latest software update is available on the latest Galaxy model, Samsung plans to update older models of smartphones and tablets while Luciano Carvalho, a software engineer, confirmed via Google Plus that the update would be made available even to devices that were released from 2013 to 2014.

Source: International Business Times

Google Indicates the Delay of the Android L Software

11-20-2012-1-01-10-AMGoogle Inc haven’t uttered any word regarding the launch of the company’s much awaited software, Android L ever since they’ve announced it at their I/O Conference this 2014. Android was first run on the Samsung Galaxy S5. According to sources, Google is to be launched with the company’s up and coming devices that include Nexus 9 and 6, also known as Nexus X. Paul O’Brien said on one of his tweets about the HTC Nexus 9 is going to be released this coming October 24, giving some hint that Android L could be launched on that same day. This contradicts his first statement regarding the launched of the device. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

Source: IBT Times