HTC to Launch HTC Preview

After its decline, it is expected for HTC to come up with a project campaign to reconnect with its customers across the globe. This is after HTC’s announcements about its latest preview program called HTC Preview, wherein clients and interested individuals can view the company’s unreleased devices and software. In this program, users will be able to test those devices for a trial.

The HTC Preview aims to find people with interest in design and innate passion for technology development. The website is open for registration. Once you registered, you will be able to sign in for their product testing.  It is now available in US, Europe and Asia.

Source: The Next Web

Xara Page and Layout Designer 10 Out Now

box_pld10The Xara Page and Layout Designer is one that is very popular in its category, with its specs and it’s almost perpetually at a discount price. This product has been serving its audience with professional interface that doesn’t require you to invest in complicated software technology.

So What Does the Xara Page and Layout Designer 10 have vs version 9?

  • When upgrades come, the Xara Page and Layout Designer 10 surely does not disappoint with its multiple addition to its already impressive software. They can now cater to more audiences with their increased number and styles of format templates that you could use for your page and DNL creations. Be amazed by the sheer number of designs that you can choose from and edit for maximum impact.
  • An insert option has been added to the toolbar to facilitate better insertion of photos, clip arts, tables, .png files that are needed for your document. This upgrade allows you to breeze through your work more easily as it links you to other folders in your computer. A big addition to this menu is the fact that you can insert images from the camera, this helps a lot if you are editing materials for a photo booth.
  • SmartShapes make your work colorful and pleasing and this is now supports by Xara Page and Layout 10! Make your work stand out with SmartShapes option of inserting text bubbles and commonly used shapes that don’t need any more formatting.
  • It is now up to date with the current craze of fonts and symbols. Choose from a wide array of cute and commonly used icons to help you reach out to your audience better. Choose anything from a heart to thumbs up sign to a pair of scissors. The sky is the limit.
  • They also improved their import services. You can now, easefully import your files to word and pdf files. The .doc option has also been added apart from the improved .docx. Better support for the fonts and styles are also available so it won’t mess up your hard work.


Be a pioneer at work; make it stand out and grab people’s attention. All of these and more are from the Xara Page and Layout Designer 10, which is not that expensive but is superiorly effective.

Get the Xara Page and Layout Designer 10 today!

How Apple’s Innovative Design Became Boring Design

appleBeing the world’s most powerful technology company, Apple earned the user-centric approach when it comes to its function and design. This however, also made it more distant to gimmick designs that its competitors are very fond of. Apple’s design development totally abandoned the fun and personalized designs since late 1990s and early 2000s. Apple is known for its corporate and minimalist designs. Although many manufacturers have tried to introduce a more fun design, they didn’t last that long in the market. They all resort to aluminum and glass, design pioneered by Apple. Many people are missing the old playful Apple design and they still believe that innovation is yet to come.

Source: Fast Code Sign