PIE Chrome Extension Helps in Reading and Pronunciation

"No Child Left Behind"

PIE Transformer is a Google Chrome browser extension which helps in American English learning. It adds diacritics to English words on Web pages to make their (American English) pronunciations crystal clear, based on an easy-to-learn scheme called Phonetically Intuitive English (PIE).

Basically, what it does is it replaces the text on the page with identical words, but with diacritic glyphs. It has a corresponding chart that explains what the glyphs mean; for example, a small dot above a letter or a line though it indicates that the letter should be silent (letters like “i” would have a small line through them since they already have a dot above them).

You can customize the amount of glyphs it displays in the settings, so if you don’t want them appearing on every word, you don’t have to. This seems like a great way to learn better pronunciation, but you have to know the meanings of all the little glyphs.

This has three uses:
1. For English-as-a-second-language (ESL) people to learn correct English word pronunciations.
2. For children in English-speaking countries to learn how to read. (See “No Child Left Behind Act”.)
3. Recreational use. Show off a sentence in the PIE form to your online friends or use it in your commercial campaigns.

Three modes (Full, Lite and Extra Lite) are provided for users of different English levels. Modes for advanced learners (Lite and Extra Lite) will show less diacritics.

Also, children learning the diacritic glyphs at a young age could help with spelling and pronunciation as they grow up.

Source: SoftwareCasa

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