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BlackBerry for Sale?

TweetBlackBerry recently announced that it is being sold for $4.7 billion. In that same week, Samsung talks about how it will grab the company’s old database of industry buyers and business executives. They are set…

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New Lumia from Nokia

TweetMicrosoft, the world’s largest software maker, and Nokia, the Finnish company that once dominated the cellphone market showcased their latest device in New York on Wednesday, and planned to demonstrate it for industry insiders in…

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Green thumb app alerts users when plants need watering

Wilted, starving, thirsty houseplants could soon be getting more tender loving care thanks to a new plant sensor and app that tells owners when it is time for watering and feeding.

The Koubachi Wifi Plant Sensor, which is placed in the soil of the potted plant, connects with a smartphone app that alerts users when plants need watering, misting, fertilizer or more sun or shade.

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FBI Released ‘Child ID’ app for Android

May 25 is the National Missing Children’s Day in the United Sates. To Mark this day, FBI has released a new version of Child ID app for Android. The Child ID App from FBI was first released in August 2011 for iPhone and till now, it has been downloaded more than 121,000. The application can be downloaded for free from the Android Apps section of Google Play.