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The Reasons Apple Needs a $700 MacBook Air

TweetToday, most computer experts are saying that Apple has truly retained and maintained high prices for their Mac computers. Even though their competitors already jumped into a pit of pricing, which leaves them for a…

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Apple’s Mac Pro for the Fastest Experience

TweetIf you think you’ve seen it all from Apple’s Mac Pro, think again. The newest Mac Pro is all about speed. However, its speed doesn’t come cheap, making you ensure that your apps will be…

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Apple Released New iOS

TweetApple released a new version of iOS, the software that underlies its handheld devices. On the whole, iOS 6, as Apple has dubbed the update, is worth downloading. It’s faster and offers some compelling new…

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Camtasia for Mac Launches Version 2.2

You might be thinking, Camtasia is only for windows, well think again. Camtasia for Mac is the best screen recording and editing solution on the Mac platform.

This awesome screen recording and video editing software solution on the Mac just got an upgrade with an A+ for interactivity. This article shows you some features you get with the latest Mac Version 2.2.