HTC to Launch HTC Preview

After its decline, it is expected for HTC to come up with a project campaign to reconnect with its customers across the globe. This is after HTC’s announcements about its latest preview program called HTC Preview, wherein clients and interested individuals can view the company’s unreleased devices and software. In this program, users will be able to test those devices for a trial.

The HTC Preview aims to find people with interest in design and innate passion for technology development. The website is open for registration. Once you registered, you will be able to sign in for their product testing.  It is now available in US, Europe and Asia.

Source: The Next Web

An Open Letter To Samsung

An open letter to Samsung is circulating over the web today. In the letter, the sender congratulates the company for its new appointed executive, Dongjin Koh, who promised to make innovations in smartphone manufacturing. The letter also called for the company’s attention to improve its product, especially the ‘bloated and unwanted preinstalled apps’ in their phones, especially their flagship product Galaxy S4.

The letter weighs the declining features of Samsung’s devices and discusses how it affects consumers – today and in a long run. At the end of the letter, the anonymous sender asked the company to prioritize the quality of its products.

Source: CNET

eVestment Reveals Its New Glenridge Point Headquarters  

With the objective of housing more employees and tech experts, eVestment, the company that manufactures Marietta software unveiled its latest Atlanta headquarters. The place has additional rooftop terrace, public and wider spaces, and open areas where employees to work more conveniently. The said facility is expected to be a part of eVestment’s plan to expand in Georgia in the coming years. The facility is located at 100 Glenridge Point Parkway and designed by architect Cooper Carry. Glenridge Point has been in the development stage for suburban offices recently. Tech ventures are coming in the city to build their spaces, which is expected to generate more jobs in the area.

Source: Biz Journals

CellSage to Diagnose Battery Life

You can now track your battery usage using software called CellSage. Kevin Gering from the Idaho National Lab developed the software to help gadget users trace their battery life and help them in choosing the best performing battery. The software can analyze the condition of your battery and how long will it last.

CellSage, from the words Cell’s Age, is designed to work with different batteries. It works by connecting with an app where a program runs to study the geography of the device, how it performs and its cycling protocol. Gering inferred that the temperature and geography affects the performance of battery life.

Source: Green Optimistic