Fitbit Launches Latest Software Update For A Smart Fitness Tracking

Fitbit launches the latest software update for Fitbit Charge HR & Fitbit Surge. The software is expected to track fitness easier, more convenient and faster for better fitness training. Among the smart features of the software, include the SmartTrack, which makes use of a sensor for a smarter work out. This customized software is built based on your work out activities. It automatically records your movements such as walking and running and tracks them once the app is turned on. It also features a precise heart-rate monitor, called Pure Pulse. It is now available for all Android, iOS and Windows platforms.

Source: Huffington Post



University of Limerick’s €46m-worth Software Research Center Launched

University of Limerick has recently launched its software center, which is expected to provide 90 PhD and 46 post-doctoral positions for research and development. The institution will train software engineers to fill the skills gap in the field of software industry for the next generations. The said investment was funded by the Science Foundation Ireland in Lero, State, and EU structural funds, and is said to be worth €46m. This new investment is only one of the parts of Lero’s move in expanding its specialty in research and software engineering. The world-class research center is also seen to host software researchers from several Irish universities.

Source: RTE

Reasor Launches New Analytics Software

tool2The Reasor company revealed that it is set to launch the latest software for its retail stores, according to its VP, Jarrod Welch. DM Analytics designs the software for retail companies to make data solutions easier and faster. Set to be deployed in 19 of its supermarkets, the software is expected to provide access to several solutions for data integration and analysis. The data incorporated in the software are majority composed of pricing, inventory, sales, labor, and among others. It is expected to provide easy, fast and convenient methods for supermarkets to manage goods batching, invoice settlement, inventory, and in creating tags and product signs.

Source: Supermarket News

Software For Better Smartphones Performance Without Draining The Battery 

Watch your favorite HD videos without wearing your batteries down immediately with the latest software 4K from Kogakuin University and Fujitsu from Japan. This software aims to decrease the power level consumed by smartphones when playing ultra HD videos. It has the ability to display Ultra HD at 30 frames per second (fps) and is expected to increase by 60fps in the future. Currently, Xperia Z5 is the single smartphone in the market that can support 4K screen. But it is expected to change in the future with the latest tech from Kogakuin University and Fujitsu. The software is on its early stage but will be developed for a simpler and cheaper version.

Source: CNET

AMD Out For A Better Performance

computer2AMD and Nvidia are the leading control panels and user interfaces for computers. However, AMD has made a huge and farther improvement with its latest UI evolution – a huge leap from its previous 2002 version. Among the features of the new catalyst include better design with a Metro-inspired interface, better performance (with fixed bugs as highlight), and lightning-fast start-up.

It does not end there. It is also expected to deliver shader caches, which are essential for increasing game performance with lesser stops. This feature allows gamers of flagship titles to perform better. The last but not the least, AMD promises lower heat and power consumption for device’s better performance.

Source: Extreme Tech

Software Engineers From Top Companies to Mentor Students of New Silicon Valley Engineering School

Good JobHolberton School of Silicon Valley has announced that it will bring 14 new engineer mentors from top companies such as IBM, CTO, Symfony, Apple, and Google. These software engineers are in addition to first 81 professionals from top companies such as Uber, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Microsoft, etc. They are expected to mentor the students in what it takes to be a software developer from those companies.

The school was founded and launched in October by industry veterans from Apple, Docker and LinkedIn. This is to help address in the increasing demand for software engineers but with less mentors to guide the students.

Source: Market Wired

New Console Software For Xbox One Gamers

tool2A better and different experience is what the new software for Xbox One console promises to its gamers across the globe. Microsoft launches the new software update with the plan to deliver a “complete transformation”. Mike Nichols, Xbox chief marketing officer revealed that this is the “the most significant” release for software ever made for a console.

The software has improved when it comes to functionality, usability, and versatility, allowing gamers to interact faster and much easier. It is also Window’s 10 integrated, which adds to its best features. It also allows players to bring more apps and games, thus improving the gaming experience.

Source: Fortune

Open Source AI from Google

Google has released the latest artificial intelligence AI software, Tensor Flow, for speech recognition, photo identification and many more. The main highlight of the event is that it is an Open Source!

It has been tried and tested for complex testing such as structures, tensors by using a neural network, or an artificial brain. The software is currently used by Google in developing most of its products. It is also used to make coding easier for researchers. The company boasts that their software is five times faster than its first gen and can be administered from a single smartphone to thousands of devices.

Source: Business Insider

Software That Tells How You Feel Based on Speech – Better Than Humans  

Good JobSpeech mirrors humans’ emotion, and this is what the latest software from University of Rochester in New York researchers have improved on interpreting. Software developers’ Na Yang and Emre Eskimez plan to use the software in interpreting the effects of emotions in parent-child relations.

The software recognizes the emotion implied based on speech and is said to deliver 85% accuracy. It analyses the emotion based on speech properties such as vocal tract shape, frequency, brightness, flatness, roughness and energy from speech. As of now, it can interpret anger, disgust and fear. It can also differentiate happiness between sadness, and neutrality.

Source: New Scientist

New Software For Online Communication Analysis

compupter6New software was developed by a group of experts from USC to connect psychology and computer. This brings state-of the-art techniques are linked to social sciences based on how people behave in social media networks.

Social scientists will be able to use the abundant information uploaded online in exploring research questions. This unified and open-source software is set to analyze communication based on the message’s content and structure – something that is not done before. It is expected to deliver more sophisticated and highly personalized text analysis.

The current system in used as an independent program but it takes programming expertise to use it, that is why experts developed a unified and more user-friendly version.

Source: US Edu