The Perks Of Being A Software Engineer At Pinterest

A software engineer from an advertising company shared his experience since he sign up for Pinterest. He shared that he enjoys the liberty of controlling his billing system since he increased followers and advertisers for his company using this photo sharing social media platform. He also shared the advantage of being spam free of the platform, which helps him integrate processes and workflows easier than ever.

Other advertisers and managers have also been using their self-serve platform he designed and he and his group have been gaining positive feedbacks so far. Billing related processes were interlinked systematically, making invoice-sharing easier for Ads stack.

Source: Forbes

IBM Lets Chinese Government Access Software Code

computer2IBM’s plan to expand business in China allowed the Chinese government to access some of the company’s software code. This permit is to prove that the company upholds secured products. In a statement release by the International Business Machines Corp., the company disclosed that the Chinese government would not be provided with any client data.

China plans to expand its IT industry by welcoming foreign investors for a more diverse economy and product distribution, thus supporting domestic industriesin the country. Other tech service providers like Microsoft Corp. has made similar deal with China since it branched out in China last 2003.

Source: Bloomberg

Tesla Releases Autopilot 7.0 Software Update

compupter6Tesla’s Model S v7.0 launches its latest update on autopilot capabilities, marking a new phase in electric car. This update was launched months after its previous autopilot update. Reviews and users offered their optimistic views about this ‘cool’ development in the field of electric car, stating that the company keeps on providing better and better products over time.

This update also makes driving easy, comfortable and safe for drivers – especially with distracting conditions. The said software update is now being tested in public roads. This also marks an innovative trend that drivers see in the future – modern vehicles with modern features.

Source: Tree Hugger

Huawei Developers Conference Challenges ICT Software Industry

tool2The first Huawei Developers Conference announced its plan to train 10,000 cloud engineers all over the world. Such announcement challenges traditional ICT providers in cloud computing, industrial IoT, and telecom, and SDN industries. The event was held in Shenzhen, China in October 19 and attracted over 2,000 developers from across the world.

Large players in cloud solution providers and software vendors such as Amdocs, IBM, HP and Oracle compete using the traditional hardware but Huawei intends to change the game as it aggressively expands its investment and designs new strategies in the field of cloud computing. The plan was previously disclosed in Huawei’s previous conferences.

Source: RC Wireless

Head Counts Makes Easier In UCF Software

Good JobEvent organizers, police department and researchers will no longer have a hard time identifying the number of crowd in a certain place and event using the latest UCF software. This software is designed to count the number of people in a certain place using an aerial photograph. It was designed by a group of computer scientists from University of Central Florida.

The software was launched and vetted last month in a crowded Catalonian independence in Barcelona, Spain wherein it posted an estimated 530,000 number of people that joined the demonstration, despite the organizer’s claim that it is lower than what they expect.

Source: Click Orlando

Software Academy Degree Now Offered InCardiff University

With the objective to prepare the graduates for their future career in the field of technology, the Cardiff University in Newport now offers Applied Software Engineering – the first of its kind in the country. This three-year degree program aims to teach graduate the practical skills and applied software engineering.

The university has 31 initial graduates for this year. Information Technology and software engineering is a huge industry in the country, with approximate 3,100 new personnel recruited each year. As of today, the country is estimated short of 00,000 IT across the continent and it is expected to last up to 2020.

Source: BBC

Trimble’s Latest 4D Control Software To Monitor The Environment

Good JobTrimble® 4D Control™ 4.5, the latest innovation from the Trimble company itself aims to provide a more updated and accurate analysis on land structures’ condition has been released. The software analyses different land structures and their conditions to make sure that they are safe for the community. Among these structures include bridges, dams, mines, and among others.

The software uses Fast Fourier Transform calculations to analyze the data transferred by range sensors installed on those land structures, thus, enabling the government and contracting parties to plan and execute a decision. Software features include custom views through webcams, 3D scenarios and high-frequency charts to analyze findings.

Source: Market Watch

Guidewire Software To Add GMC Software

tool2GMC Software Technology, a country wide leader in the field of customer communications and Guidewire Software, Inc. announced their partnership in a merging called Solution Partner. Aside from this, GMC is also set to join the Ready for Guidewire accelerator validation campaign.The partnership aims to improve communication between the company and its Insurance clients, thus providing a more satisfactory service. Through this partnership, client insurers’ claims will be processed faster.

GMC Software is a known partner for several businesses such as banks, healthcare and insurance providers across the globe while Guidewire Software is known for its software and accelerator processes.

Source: Market Watch

New Software Partnership: Deloitte and Tableau

computer2Deloitte Consulting LLP recently announced its partnership with Tableau Software, the leading company in rapid-fire and analytics.  The partnership aims to enhance Deloitte’s analytics ability to provide such service to its clients.  The company aims to provide its clients the best experience and smooth processes when it comes to analytics.

The said partnership is expected to expand the company’s information technology clientele as well as its market penetration management. Meanwhile, Deloitte’s IT capabilities are seen to complement Tableau’s analytics methodologies and clientele as well. Tableau’s clients will be provided with the software while Deloitte will help them understand the processes and how it will benefit their business.

Source: PR News Wire

Latest Health Software From Apple To Change Medical Research

compupter6Several months after Apple launched ResearchKit,a digital tool that patients wear to gather health data, Mount Sinai, the hospital that pioneered in using the tool has issues a statement announcing that the researchers who tested the tool were fascinated about the result.

The initial study was conducted over 8600 respondents, with majority are asthma patients. Among the results’ conclusion include patients were motivated to exercise as they can track their progress. The ResearchKit is a wearable that enables patients to track their health condition. It can also be connected with an Iphone. Although they are aware of the limitation, they emphasize the usefulness of this technology.

SOURCE: Business Insider