Preview of the New Xbox One Experience Entitles its Users to Opt for Windows 10-based Platform

computer2The newest edition of Xbox One Experience is out on the market right now, but you may have to rush in order for you to get a hold of one. Microsoft, the developer and maker of the said gaming console, encourages its users to be patient regarding the update. The company also added that the opt-in process is also a bit complicated than any updates in the past.

According to them, users have to be a part of Xbox’s Preview program in order for them to test upcoming programs or software builds. The best and easiest way to get into it would be to receive an invite from one of the existing member of the program. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

Source: PC World

Butler County Approves EMS Program Purchase

compupter6Butler County, Kansas – With Chad Pore’s (Butler Counter EMS Director) hopes to improve another aspect of their EMS Department, he made an initiative to approach the commissioner’s office county to have some change to the department’s software. The said move was because of their recent findings about the county’s billing software and processes.

Chad also said that his moves were also based from the number of years that they have used the programs they currently have, which has been for 15 years now. According to him, the program they is just as good as any software in the market, but it has become cumbersome. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

Source: The Butler County Times-Gazette

Will Sales for BlackBerry’s Core Software Grow

tool2There are many speculations regarding the sales increase in BlackBerry’s core software. The company is set to report its second quarter revenues this coming Friday, September 25. The company is betting on a financial turnaround towards its software unit that mainly sells secure communications software and enterprise mobility management program.

The company hopes to pick up revenue because of the dipping service access fee and the slow response from consumers towards their flagship smart-phones. The company also hopes to achieve around $600 million in revenue for the coming 2016. The company has high hopes that their software products would be able to carry them in the new years to come. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

Source: Forbes-Investment

Cisco Kit Now Available With Software-defined WAN ServiceFrom Verizon

compupter6Verizon launches its latest software-defined managed WAN service which is now available in the Cisco kit. The software is a controller-less and is more manageable than its previous version. The software also features combined and optimized architecture and application management to deliver a more improved software performance. It also provides intelligent control to use both MPLS and internet connections

In developing the software, Verizon has evaluated the Cisco’s application manual and policy which was launched in January last year. The software is expected to be one of the successful products of Verizon as 15 Fortune 500 clients are targeted to use the same platform.

Source: Network World

Software With The Heart Of A Painter

tool2People have seen what software can do – it can create stories, films, solutions and among other things. But software that can paint like a real artist with subjective heart is new to everyone. Simon Colton, a professor from the University of Londoncreated The Painting Fool, software with the ability to interpret and mimic the behavior of an artist who draws from his heart.  The software works by scanning a specific website, film or video clips and create its own character by interpreting the mood of the article or story. The software examines the story itself based on human emotions.

Source: Radio NZ

BMC Software Going Digital

compupter6BMC, a huge software manufacturer has been working its way to modify its product lines to make it to the digital competition. In a customer event, the company announces its promise to provide customers with digital intelligence. These include True Sight Intelligence, a cloud-based data analysis tool, My IT Service Broker and HR Case Management.


These innovations from the BMC are timely products of the company since the industry is entering in a very highly-competitive business arena. The company promises seamless solutions and top quality products – same as what i9t has been providing the clients years ago – only improved this time.

Source: Forbes

How to Back upYour Ubuntu Software

tool2Many people use Ubuntu because of its manageability. It also comes in a package with easy access that makes it popular for Open Office users. Its latest package called Debian package boasts its easy management tools and software backup. This makes it easy for users to go to the Ubuntu Software Center and backup their software applications and even use them in other machines.

To create a backup, sign-up an account in Ubuntu One and select the machine and software that you need to backup. You can also use the Synaptic backup your software or the Aptik which can also make you restore everything in your backup.

Source: Datamation

Nikon Snags New ‘C’ and ‘V’ Trademarks for Software

tool2C Nikon and V Nikon, the new trademarks of the camera brand Nikon have reached the USPTO last July and are expected to come as independent software for Nikon Camera and imaging business. C Nikon will be used as for image editing, exporting, printing, sharing while V Nikon will be used for navigating cinematographic tasks.

Although there are no further and specific descriptions released yet from Nikon, these new trademarks just went live and will be expected in the market sooner or later. News about Nikon D series and Nikon iGPS trademarks are also among the recent talks of the town.

Source: Peta Pixel

Innovative Software and Genetic Analyses that Aims to Minimize Issues of Multi-Drug Combinations

computer2Gene analyses and new software may be able to predict what type of medicines can be harmful when it is taken together. For Barbara Pines, tucking and keeping a spreadsheet with her toiletries in her bathroom cabinets may be odd for some. However, to her it is a way to be on track regarding her prescriptions medicines, supplements and over-the-counter pills that both she and her husband do take. That particular spreadsheet includes 20 medicines along with the number of daily intake, strength and purpose of a particular drug.

She said that whenever she visits a new doctor, she prints out a copy of it so that she can present to them. The newest software aims to solve the confusion and extra work of taking medicines. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

Source: Scientific American

Insite Software – In-Depth Focus on B2B companies

Today, Insite Software Inc. launched new software that focuses on e-Commerce, which is designed to give an edge to their core customers. The new software from the company is designed and develop to take care of complex transactions as well as level up online to provide solutions to an increasing number of sales. For example, Geriatric Medical & Surgical Supply Inc distributes its products that range from wound care dressings, symbiotic chewable tablets and monitoring systems for blood glucose.

Geriatric Medical has did find out that their clients order online most of the time. This results show an average increase in order by 25%. For more information regarding this news, go to the source.

Source: Internet Retailer