New Update For Apple’s Logic Pro X

appleJust eight months after the previous version, Apple has launched the latest update for its music creating and editing software, Logic Pro X. The update is expected to provide more powerful and topnotch music quality for its users.

The new Logic Pro X 10.2 features Alchemy, an advanced popular software synthesizer that Apple acquired from Camel Audio of UK. It also features 3,200 presets, 100 sources for modulation, and 40 filters. It has a keyword browser to easily access music based on genre, name, or even by a mere description. It also features eight different sounds can be viewed using a Transform Pad on your screen.

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New Update For Facial Recognition Software Launched 

Cybecompupter6rExtruder has launched the updated form of Aureus 3D version 5.0, a facial recognition and reconstruction software. The software features an improved facial recognition-matching system that provides 26.5% accuracy as compared to 2D facial recognition software in the market today.

The software uses an algorithm that analyzes the recorded 3D images and counterchecks them with other environmental factors, postures of the wanted person. The software has been patented is expected to be included in surveillance system for future use.

Aureus 3D has been tested in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to help the agency in identifying victims and suspects.

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Indian Government To Introduce New Software To Stop Age Fraud in Sports Competitions  

The government of India would like to put an end to age fraud in sports competition by launching the new software that detects athletes’ actual age.

Ajit Sharan, India’s Sports secretary revealed that age fraud has been their problems for quiet a while now. With the use of the new software, a unique ID will be provided to athletes for the sports committee will be able to determine the true age identity of the contestant. The secretary also seeks the assistance of sports coaches, and parents to make this step successful and to bring success and not shame for the country.

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Recruiting 100 New Opportunities At MediaCityUK

Brighcompupter6t Future Software, a software company from MediaCityUK opens its doors to 100 students to apprentice in the company starting autumn.

The company’s top management encourages the students to join their company for apprenticeship and be able to work with the best geeks in the country. The offer is open for all students who just passed the GCSE.

Software development is one of the most in-demand and high paying jobs today and to work as an apprentice in a company like Bright Future Software is a great opportunity for future graduates. The company offers £10,500 salary for each apprentice. Open dates are August 27, September 2, September 10 and September 16.

Source: Manchester Evening News Target Financial Industry Inc., a company that specializes in sales software has launched Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, software that caters to financial industry, being wealth management as specified. The company’s move is lined up with its objective of expanding its market penetration and revenue. Inc. is known for its products in Web subscription for business analytics, customer service and marketing solutions. Their new software aims to cater the most valuable industries in the market including the government.

The company’s top management is excited to reveal that they are also targeting other huge agencies, especially those that specialize in health care and sciences.

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Rate Reset Partners with IMM For Better Financial Solutions 

tool2IMM the company that founded eSignature and other document solutions, partners with Rate Reset to create an innovative solutions to automate financial transactions. This partnership further modernizes Rate Reset’s technology, combined with IMM’s eSignature solutions. The said business partnership allows IMM’s clients to access over 650 banks and credit organizations and future clients.

It is expected that this partnership will bring significant changes, especially in enhancing their client’s financial experience and in streamlining revenue through improved and efficient operation. IMM CEO Chuck Klein expressed his excitement about the partnership. He said that he is looking forward to deliver innovative solutions to their clients with the help of Rate Reset’s experience and technology.

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To See The World In Animals’ View  

computer2Have you ever wonder how the world looks through the eyes of the animals? Animals have different ways to see– much different on how humans do because of a unique vision structure. But with the new software designed by the researchers from University of Exeter, humans will be able to see the world in animal’s way of vision. The software is based on several animal vision mechanics like some birds, mammal like ferret, some types of fish and insects like honeybees. It calibrates the images and turns them into animal’s vision range, thus helping scientists in studying animal vision and behaviors.

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How New Zealand’s Software Patent Ban Can Survive the TPP

computer2Tim Groser, New Zealand’s trade minister assured that the country’s position on software patents remains unaffected despite the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. This was revealed in a letter received by the Institute of IT Professionals.

Series of leaks about the changes in the texts of the TPP was released. One of those leaks indicated a detailed explanation on which needs to be patented, including software.

It can be recalled that the country’s Patents Act of 2013 did not consider software as an invention but did not categorize it as a property to be patented. IT Professionals view this law as a violation of the World Trade Organization’s Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, (TRIPS).

Source: ZD Net

Latest Algorithm With Aesthetic Taste To Enhance Digital Photos  

If you want to improve your craft, you must be open to feedbacks. Researchers from the information sciences and technology of Penn State designed an algorithm that enables a machine to provide feedbacks on the aesthetic composition of a photograph. This algorithm aims to study the elements of composition and provide responses and opinions to help people classify photos. The algorithm performs pixel evaluation, analysis, and comparison to attain the target aesthetic value.

This software aims to help photographers and can be installed in mobile phones. The developers just received the patent for their work and is now supported by  the National Science Foundation.

Source: Futurity

Latest Wake Software Launched: Tracking Designers’ Work Progress 

Chris Kalani, Facebook’s previous product designer, launched Wake, the latest software that aims to help designers keep track of their progress and ideas before finalizing them. This desktop and mobile software combo aims to share ideas within designers and improve status updates of designs, keeping project managers and other concerned individuals updated at all times.

This software is linked with Sketch and can be connected to Photoshop and other designing programs. It makes the process faster and easier, enabling the designer to work on a shared document without exiting the application.

Kalani looks forward that Wake will meet its purpose of improving quality designs and processes.

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