‘Permissionware’, The Newest Purchasing Software

tool2The latest software ‘permissionware’ has the ability to pay for the software by accessing data from your smartphone such as your location, camera and other information. RSA’s anti-fraud division personnel expressed his concern on the software’s ability to overrun the human elements and cause further problems such as attacks, information theft and among others.

He advised users to take control by regularly checking on their bank statements for any suspicious anomaly. Also, it is also important to verify malware software if they are legitimate or are they ‘permissionware.’ And lastly, make sure that you don’t grant permission on apps that run in the background of your mobile device without your further authorization.

Source: Life Hacker

Apple To Improve Apple TV – For The Better 

Apple’s new patent application is ready to launch a better Apple TV to make it more personalized and enjoyable to use. The patent document published on July 23 includes a system that would allow Apple TV users to log in and out the device using their fingerprint. It will not require users to type in their log in and out credentials.

Although the patent isn’t specifically exclusive to Apple TV alone, the company used it as the chief example. In the illustration, it can be seen that the device uses a remote control. It also includes personalized profile for the users and access to other applications.

Source: Business Insider

 Google Maps Is Everywhere For Everyone 

computer2Google has announced its latest feature Your Timeline. This program allows users to see the places they’ve been – chronologically organized by day, month, and year. Your Timeline will help you revisit the memories of the past by matching your Google Photos with the places where you ‘checked in’ using Google Maps.

Once Google Map is turned on in your device, you can check in to places, even without posting them through social media. It actually record every location you have been – something good for someone who keeps track of his whereabouts but it can also have uncontrolled results, so it is advised to be careful in using this app.

Source: Wired

Apple Badly Needs Individual Updates For Its Apps 

appleApple users and tech reviewers are not impressed with the latest iOS updates for their devices, throwing crazy reviews on them, asking the company to improve their update packages. Apple Music update for example, is getting trash posts from users and reviewers alike.

Several advices were posted, calling Apple to launch separate apps updates — or at least on some of them. It should refrain from requiring its users to update their entire iOS as this whole updating thing slows down iOS devices performance.

On the other hand, app developers managed to do some tweaks as soon as the update launches, automatically providing users the latest version – whether they like it or not – because it’s already there.

Source: The Next Web

Applied Software Adds Solutions Offerings 

compupter6Applied Software is expanding by adding solutions offerings such as Revit Prolog RFI Integration, Viewpoint Sync and Windows Sync. This latest development was announced at the Revit® Technology Conference North America 2015 (RTCNA).

Revit Prolog RFI Integration innovates graphical representations for Requests for Information (RFIs), making it more appealing while Viewpoint Sync will take care of transferring and synchronizing documents using cloud, lessening redundancies. Windows Sync will take care of uploading and syncing files to Windows Explorer using BIM 360 Field.

Applied Software is a leading company that provides technology systems integrator for the AEC and manufacturing industries since 1982.

Source: Market Watch

Amazon Unveils Its Newest API Gateway Service

tool2In its ongoing fight to turn its cloud computing business into an IT shop offering the full-service package, Amazon has developed a new software to speed things up. On Thursday, the company announced in a New York conference that their latest service will make use of the API technology. Basically, this technology can connect multiple databases, programs, and software languages. Amazon also claims that its latest API service will provide developers the opportunity to build APIs quickly and monitor all of them. As of the moment, this service is only available on Amazon’s datacenters located in Northern Virginia, Dublin, and Oregon.

Source: Fortune

New Software Release: Residential Wire Pro Version 3.0

compupter6CMH Software, Inc., the company behind Residential Wire Pro, has recently released its latest version of the said software. Having been designed to answer the needs of electrical contractors, this new software will provide easy-to-use features such as documentation and wiring information. It will also allow contractors to provide their customers with an up-to-date schematic printout. One of Version 3.0’s most notable features is its capacity to import PDF floor plans and make additional reports to the software’s inventory database. This version is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 7 and 8. More information about this software can be found on www.cmhsoftware.com.

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A Software Breakthrough: Discovering Invisible Planets  

compupter6Researchers at the University of California Berkeley have developed computer programs to manage the  Automated Planet Finder on their behalf so they won’t have to operate it 24/7. It’s a telescope that was designed to spot the wobbles of stars and find the planets surrounding them. The telescope is located on Mt. Hamilton, specifically, at Lick Observatory. Through the computer programs, the telescope can mimic human judgments, from opening the hatch only on clear nights to maneuvering the telescope to the exact positions at the exact time.Through this development, the telescope is now better equipped in searching for invisible planets.To get more about this news, visit abc7 News.

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iPhone 6’s Latest Ads: “Hardware & Software” and “Loved”

tool2Apple debuted on Thursday night two new advertisements for iPhone 6 as part of their newest marketing campaign. “Hardware & Software” explains to viewers how the company is considered as one of the few manufacturers to craft the design of both the hardware and software of iPhone. The ad shows off games, exclusive features such as FaceTime, and intensive apps such as GarageBand. On the other hand, “Loved” talks about iPhone 6’s high rate of user satisfaction, claiming that approximately 99% of iPhone users love their device. This ad shows off people FaceTiming, sending emojis, messaging, and generally having a good time.

Source: MacRumors


Today’s iPhone: Newest Software Updates, Beta Releases & More

Just this week, Apple released their latest round of beta updates to various developers. With the iOS 9 beta, developers finally get their hands on Apple Music and the News App. There are also reports of the possible release of updated iPods later this week. According to speculations, both the iPod nano and the iPod shuffle will receive minor updates. In addition, more icons can now be displayed  on the iPad home screen. For non-developers who want to try out the beta, they can freely do so since Apple’s beta program is open to the public. For those who are interested, just sign up at beta.apple.com.

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