All-New Updates for Apple’s GarageBand

appleOn June 30, Apple will introduce new features to their Mac’s music creation software. Apple users and enthusiasts can expect an improved music recording and editing experience. GarageBand will also contain all-new synth sounds that will allow you to tweak and morph sounds to your liking using the Transform Pad Smart Control. A demo of some of the synth sounds can be viewed on the software’s website. Apple also revealed that GarageBand’s Piano Roll Editor and Smart Controls will receive upgrades. The updates will be available by the end of June in the US and at later unannounced dates in other countries.

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Apache Spark, IBM’s Newest Investment

tool2Apache Spark is a real-time data analysis project that has garnered a lot of attention since its announcement. This new software is expected to provide services at promising speed and to revolutionize real-time processing. Robert Picciano from IBM reported that the IT company’s latest investment will cost hundreds of millions of dollars annually.  The technology behind Spark was created at the University of California, Berkeley. IBM plans to put over 3,500 researchers and developers on this project and to collaborate with various educational institutions. And in order to pursue related innovations, the IT company will open a technology center for Apache Spark in San Francisco.

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Google: New Security Framework Must Be Devised

tool2Organizations and businesses have become dependent on technology and as their dependency increases, so does the need to device new security frameworks. Vinton G. Serf, the vice president of Google Inc., has stated that reasonable steps must be taken in order to tackle every software’s vulnerability to threats. In devising a new security framework, he proposed that liability and risk exposures should be taken into account along with the analysis of the circumstances involved. Furthermore, Mr. Cerf stressed that the software industry must be moved to a safer place where there is better security and protection of privacy. Read more about this story on Business Insurance.

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OMS-200: Neopost’s Latest Software Solution

oms 200OMS-200 is a web-based software that groups documents into one single folder/envelope. It aims to help businesses mitigate their postal costs and utilize their folder inserters optimally. It’s features include the creation of optical marks right before printing a document, the automatic handling of mail with numerous pages, the merging of different documents, and the sorting of mail into a certain number of batches. Apart from this, OMS-200 also contains a template that allows the automatic reproduction of all stages involved in document preparation. This new software is compatible with almost all web browsers and it can be accessed by all personnel in an enterprise.

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ezPaycheck 2015: A Cheaper Way To Process Payroll

compupter6Businesses can attest that Payroll is one of the most expensive and complicated business processes to deal with. Fortunately, offers a solution to the problem in the form of ezPaycheck. ezPaycheck helps companies manage their payroll at the cost of only $89 per year. With this new software, companies no longer need to outsource their payroll function because they can perform it in-house with ezPaycheck. Aside from that, it contains a feature that allows businesses to switch software from one location to another. ezPaycheck is also easy to use and it provides various money and time saving features that can greatly benefit businesses.

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Electronic Commerce Inc. to Make New Investments

tool2The Elkhart-based software company’s president, Jeff Lacey stated that the company plans to develop a better product, invest in people, and acquire businesses. Recently, the company received an investment worth $40 million from Frontier Capital, a growth equity firm in North Carolina. With this investment, ECI expects to attract more customers all over the country. Moreover, for the next three months, ECI will hire up to 28 new employees to take care of software development, sales, and customer service among others. On top of these developments, they are looking for the expansion of their existing software which will include an improvement of their IT infrastructure.

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New Software Solutions for Managing College Processes

compupter6Campus Management (CM), provider of strategies, software, and other services to educational institutions, has developed new tools that can effectively and efficiently manage all college processes from the admission process to implementing the educational system. CM’s product suite is known as Campus Nexus and it will provide institutions with seven software tools. CM’s target market focuses on universities and engineering colleges. When implemented, the costs will be on a per student basis annually. The company expects to market and sell Campus Nexus to more than 200 institutions in India for the next five years. View the entire story at Deccan Herald.

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Apple: Software Updates To Be Unveiled Soon

appleThe California-based company has dropped hints that they are entering the music streaming service industry by revamping their Beats Music app. As of the moment, details are yet to be confirmed but reports suggest that the subscription-based system will cost 9.99 pounds a month. Marc McLaren, a technology expert, said that during the Worldwide Developer’s Conference, consumers and Apple fans will find out all about the next generation of iPad and iPhone. As for Apple’s Watch, no major changes and updates have been reported. Apple Maps, on another note, could receive an update that will include the public transportation routes on its system.

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Measurement of Pain Intensity Improved By New Software

Good JobWhen it comes to accurately measuring pain intensity, adults are quite capable but with children, it’s a different story. In order to address this problem, experts from University of California’s San Diego School of Medicine have designed new software that utilizes facial expression in determining a child’s pain intensity. This new software comes with a Facial Action Coding System that can detect up to 46 different facial expressions. It has been tested on 50 patients and the results were remarkable. With the help of this software, doctors and medical professionals can now better diagnose children and prescribe the right treatment.

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