Anti-Texting Software for Drivers

compupter6One of the most common dangers to drivers is texting while driving. This issue has been stressed multiple times by the media yet it is still happening. To solve this problem, Daniel Raviv, a professor at Florida Atlantic University, has invented software that could block your phone’s incoming and outgoing messages. This software is uniquely smart due to the fact that it only affects the driver. The mechanism of this software is that it uses the driver’s location in performing its function. Thanks to this invention, unwanted road accidents and mishaps will lessen in number in the future.

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Mobileye: The Latest Must-Have Software in the Automaker Industry

users1An Israeli company, Mobileye has launched obstacle detection software that could carry through the basic functions of the human eye. The concept behind Mobileye’s technology is that the human vision is monocular. To put it simply, if you only use one out of your two eyes, you can still see. As of the moment, Mobileye is used by 23 automakers and just recently, it had acquired new contracts with two unidentified manufacturers. At present, the software can recognize 40 different traffic signs in 25 different countries. By the end of the year, Mobileye aims to increase those statistics.

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New Update on Android 5.0 Lollipop Released

The Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active are both up for a new update released by the Korean tech giant. According to previous reports, Samsung has reached a groundbreaking achievement in the United States of America when Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, U.S. Cellular, and T-Mobile, the five major carriers in USA, all released the software update for Samsung’s flagship smartphones. Other territories that have also been up to date with the recent updates include Croatia, Ireland, Italy, Indonesia, Colombia, and New Zealand. In this digital age, keep updated with more recent software releases at Tech Times.

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PYA Analytics: New Software for Media Platforms

Good JobRobinella, a local musician, was performing on what was dubbed as a must-listen radio event. Unfortunately, the musician’s voice wasn’t heard over the airwaves. What happened instead was that the performance was streamed online on the internet. Reports stated that the live streaming has attracted 40 listeners for two hours. Furthermore, dozens of individuals have checked out the presentation which was hosted last May 1 by Downton Knoxville Radio. This article was posted by Carly Harrington on May 17, 2015 and has been shared 48 times. Subscribe to the News Sentinel in order to get a taste of the full story.

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The Spark System Unveiled

tool2Earlier this May, new software was introduced to the world by CSIRO. This software is aimed at predicting and tracking the occurrence and movement of bushfires. According to scientists, a lot of factors should be taken into account in calculating the efficiency of the results and this includes the wind, the weather, and the topography. Dr. Andrew Sullivan, a senior research scientist, stated that the objective of The Spark is to aid the fire authorities in their operations before, during, and after a bushfire. And the best part of this new software is that it provides results real time.

Source: ABC

New VoLTE Software Update for AT & T LG G3 Released

tool2A new software update for AT&T LG G3 users has just been released. This is just an update of the previous Lollipop update in 2014. The latest software update adds some features including the VoLTE. Although the feature will not drastically change the performance of your LGsmartphone, it is still a good addition for your device.

Smartphones that have received Lollipop update will now enjoy the VoLTE feature. However, not all LG devices are capable of Voice over LTE. This feature is only available on flagship smartphones and those devices with hardware to support it. Updated LG G3 model D850 will be automatically migrate to Android 5.0.1 version D85021l.

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Tableau Software (DATA) the Latest Lifetime High Stock

It seems a great first quarter for Trade-Ideas LLC as its Tableau Software (DATA) is currently known as the latest lifetime high candidate. DATA has soaring high statistics when it comes to average dollar-volume, shares and lifetime high.

The Tableau Software, Inc., has been providing business analytics software services across the globe. In the recent Street Quant Rating, Tableau Software gets the highest market value and earnings. It also marks high gross profit margin, equity and stock compared to other companies in the industry. The market also sees a significant amount of earnings for Tableau Software Inc. in the coming days – a better performance than last year

Source: The Street

Work Fusion Bags Award in SIIA Software CODiE Award

computer2Work Fusion’s SaaS received the SIIA CODiE Award for Best Big Data Solution in the recent 2015 Software CODiE Award. A CODiE Awardee is one of the prestigious recognitions given to selected platform providers. The awardee is selected through a series of product testing, evaluation and market feedback.

This is a great recognition for WorkFusion that has been providing optimum customer service satisfaction across the globe. SIIA CODiE recognized WorkFusion’s effort in maintaining its quality services through the years.

Work Fusion’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) makes the process of data collection and automation easier for it clients and promises to continue such excellent service.

Source: IT News Online

Android 5.0. Lollipop Software Update Now Available for New Samsung Galaxy S5

compupter6Sprint, one of the major US distributors and carriers of Samsung Galaxy S5 has released the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop update for all S5 users. The software has fixed the most common problems on S5 such as fast battery drain, overheating and other performance issues that users experienced since the initial update release in February.

Among other features of the update is the factory reset. Experts said that performing factory reset protects the stolen or lost devices, as it will not function without the owner’s Google account signing.  As Samsung has acknowledged the issue, they open their lines of communication for any concerns related to the update.

Source: Tech Times

Software Update Slows Down Assessors Jobs

tool2It is expected that the upgrade will make the process better, but not in the case of township assessors of Will County who experience relative slow down of work due to software update. Assessors confirmed that there will be numerous delays in several property assessment due in July 1.

Town assessors use the latest software supplied by Fidlar Technologies. The company won the $250,000 worth of project in a no-bid contract in 2014. The software was implemented last December 8, 2014 and the assessors had no idea of the flaws until they started using it for updating. Recorder of Deeds Karen Stukel communicates with Fidlarto address the issue.

Source: The Herald