Enterprise Software Readying for Apple Watch Apps

appleNow that Apple Watch is out, enterprise software vendors are readying their apps! Software vendors are now betting the Apple Watch would find use in their business and announced apps would become available for consumers. For example, Blue Jean Networks developed an application to remind users about meetings, showing them their schedules. The new app woks with their cloud-based videoconferencing service of the company but have features designed for the Apple Watch specifically.

Source: Computer World

New Software to Detect Leaks in Oil and Water Pipelines

computer2New technology can help in detecting real time leaks found in water and oil pipelines.  Any faulty oil or water pipes could be fixed easier and faster using new software for getting to the root of the issue, as well as for finding out the kind of failure, based on new research. This is the VIVIUNAM, the latest software in performing logical deductions using algorithm that can calculate when any irregularity occurs in any storage tanks.


Bolstering Analytics with New Healthcare Software

compupter6Informatica can bolster analytics with new software that can open disparate data avenues.  It is set to unveil the Healthcare Analytics Accelerator together with the Application Retirement for Healthcare Solution.  This Analytics Accelerator will enable organizations in the healthcare industry to gain access and trust data using different formats and sources, said the healthcare industry-marketing director of Informatica, Michelle Blackmer. Read the full version of the story.

Source: Healthcare IT News

New Medical Technology to Prevent Spinal Surgery Mistakes

compupter6The latest software technology can help in improving surgical safety. This is the LevelCheck that can clearly make labels to each vertebra in an x-ray image just before a spinal surgery. The said new technology can help avoid the mistakes in operating the wrong vertebra. Researchers at the John Hopkins have been developing a new program that can work seamlessly with the new procedures in assisting a surgeon in determining which vertebra to perform operation. Interesting story, isn’t it?  Check out the source for the full version.

Source: Medical Express


New Software Development Factors

tool2Product development, just like software development, needs mostly soft skills in highlighting a company’s ability of innovating and developing new software. Survey of the University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School and the 3Pillar Global identifies the factors in developing software products. Soft skills are what came out in the index, according to David DeWolf, the CEO and president of 3Pillar Global, software product firm. And according to the same report, there were not many hard technical skills. Read the full story from the source.

Source: Baseline Mag

Leica Geosystems Introduces New Products for 3D Laser Scanning

The Leica ScanStation P40, P30, and P16 are highly advanced products expected to improve the productivity and data quality of laser scanning. With HDR images providing crisper and sharper scans, users will surely get their money’s worth. The P40 and P30 models are designed to meet the users’ need for functionality and versatility. While the P16 is only an introductory model designed for short range capabilities. With Leica ScanStation, customers will experience a complete and satisfactory scanning solution. Fortunately, these products are available immediately. Prospective customers can find information and details on ordering from all authorized representatives of Leica Geosystems.

Source: SPAR Point Group



Tesla’s New “Range Assurance App”

computer2Tesla has unveiled a new app for drivers that will enable them to keep track of their electric cars’ distance from the nearest charging stations. The app uses maps and advanced sensors to give warning to drivers before their cars run out of energy. Every thirty seconds, the app enables the car to check the energy usage and its amount needed to arrive at the charging station. This will make the possibility of the driver unintentionally running out of range close to impossible. Aside from that, the app also includes a Trip Planner that will serve as a guide to drivers.

Source: Time



ChefConf Announces New Software

Chef Delivery is the newest product of Chef Software. The software uses the concept of a recipe for server configuration and handling of application deployment processes. Chef Delivery is used in managing software change. One of its interesting feautures is its ability to provide analytics in order for business to track the changes. This is often used alongside integration tools like Jenkins. Initially, this product is for invitation only but its availability to the public is expected to be late 2015 or early 2016. For customers interested to purchase, the pricing will be on a subscription basis. For more information, visit The Register.

Source: The Register

Kingo Android Root Software is Now Available for Free

compupter6Kingosoft Technology Ltd. has offered their top android root software to the market free. Their software’s rooting success rate is considered one of the highest in the industry. Since Kingo’s release more than a year ago, the number of people who have downloaded the software has reached 8 million. As a universal tool, Kingo was designed to be able to support many devices and versions. The software’s functions include accessing/altering system files, removing bloatware, enhancing performance, and even customizing your device according to your preferences. This makes the Kingo Android Root one of the best softwares for Android.

Source: PR Newswire

Security Company Reports That a New Computer Spying Software Originated from Lebanon

tool2Check Point Software Technologies’ researchers made some discoveries that computers in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom are infected with computer spyware. The campaign dubbed by Check Point as “Volatile Cedar” is believed to have been operating for three years now. The main aim of the software is data theft but it can also delete valuable files. Check Point has already notified the authorities in all ten countries where hundreds of computer infections have been detected. Along with this, the company also shared technical information to various security firms. On another note, the most advanced cyber spies are considered by researchers to be the United States, Russia, and China.

Source: Thomson Reuters