Making the Perfect Presentations with iSpring Suite 7

Say goodbye to the old fashioned presentations and welcome the friendliest e-learning software program for your rapid e-learning course authoring. The iSpring is software that allows you to create a SCORM – courses and quizzes that are compatible to almost all kinds of players, so that they can play to almost all kinds, sizes and orientations of your screen.  The iSpring comprises of three tools that you can use to enhance your presentations further. These three can be used as standalone or together.

iSpring Suite 7 Features

  • There is iSpring Pro, which is a PowerPoint add, working by converting your PowerPoint presentations to several file forms like FLASH and HTML5 without compromising the quality of the presentation. It retains the animations, the transitions, the fonts, the shapes and everything there is in your presentation.
  • Also, with the use of iSpring Pro you can now bring your presentation from the office to outside the office. You need not worry for the sudden shut down of the Internet and the likes. In this tool, you can now put your presentations straight to your phones and tablets.
  • Additionally, you now need not worry about your presentations be taken from you by others. Security is highly valued in iSpring Suites. You are then provided with protection against unwanted browsing and distribution. You can put password, a watermark, and time and domain restriction to your PowerPoint presentations when you want to limit the audience that can see your presentations.

iSpring Suite 7 Quizmaker

  • This tool of the iSpring Suite is a quiz and survey maker tool by allowing you to embed your media components to your quizzes. You can add videos, voiceovers, and other audio lay-ins to enhance your quiz. It also provides templates that will improve interactions and help in giving your PowerPoint e- learning course a newer and fresher look.

iSpring Suite 7 Visuals

  • Visuals mean the appeal to the eyes. The iSpring Visuals is designed to catch attention because it can help immensely in enhancing your PowerPoint presentations. It has rich media interactions for making your presentations, self-explanatory. This can make you e-learning course, your business presentations or your advertisement more engaging to the audience, too. With the use of your PowerPoint, coupled with the templates of iSpring Visuals, you can populate your presentation with 3D images, a directory, FAQs and timelines.
  • The best thing about this is that when you convert them into another form of files, everything that you have made will remain as it is when you present it using other kinds of players.
  • All in all, the iSpring Suite is a tool that will help you make your presentations with a colorful, catchy and interactive appeal to your audience.
  • Being able to support different formats is the biggest plus that iSpring can offer. With its adaptability, you can put your presentations in your phones, tablets and the likes. The best thing in this is that despite doing so, the resolution will not change.
  • A mobile app is also available for iOS and Androids and is free for downloading. This will allow you save your presentations to your iPads, iPhones and other Android devices so that you can still view them even when you are offline.

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iSpring Presenter 7 Takes Presentations a Notch Higher

The key to a good presentation is not just solely dependent on the content but on the manner of how the content is being presented. The Spring Presenter 7 is going to do that for you. Making great content even greater is a plus in this beautifully crafted software as it makes your presentation available even from your phones.  This software is gaining its momentum to many users, and for them, it is reliable, it is fast and it incorporates the latest trends in presentations. It is interactive and engaging and attracts individuals and businesses form varying industries. The tools in iSpring are helpful in e-Learning, as it is portable and it can be accessed almost anywhere.

How iSpring Presenter 7 Works

  1. Create your Video Slides: Video presentations will make your content more interactive and self – explanatory. With iSpring, you can record videos or import them to your content. You can sync the videos to your slides and enhance the audio quality for a better and more effective presentation.
  1. Design your Quizzes and Surveys: Gone are the days when you make your quizzes in MS Word and print them out to give to students. With iSpring, you can design your quizzes and your surveys and sync them in to your presentations. You can make use of audio and video questions, you can use drag – and – drop method with your questions.
  1. One-Click Publishing: The iSpring Presenter 7 is very convenient in making your presentation available anytime, anywhere. You can burn it in a CD/DVD or post it in your web page or blogs. You can also publish it as a SCORM package for an LMS.

Key Features of iSpring Presenter 7

  • From iSpring to your PowerPoint: The accessibility of iSpring is impressive. It is automatically added to your PowerPoint tab for full access to its e-Learning features that you can use to enhance your presentations. This software supports Microsoft PowerPoint. Using iSpring, you can efficiently make your content in PowerPoint. You can add photos, video narrations and lay in background music. You can also make quizzes and immediately publish is to formats that are mobile- ready.
  • Securing your Presentation: Another key feature of the iSpring Presenter is its capability to protect your presentation. It has password protection and has its custom watermark, domain restriction and time restriction. These are things that you will need to avoid your work being used by others and without it being stolen. This will also give the credit to who owns it.
  • Available online and offline! One of the problems in presentations is the availability. The iSpring software has created an extension to solve that problem. With the free mobile app, iSpring viewer is available on Apple Store and Play Store, so you can now view all the e-Learning presentations, courses and quizzes anytime and anywhere using you iPads and android devices. You can also download all the materials that you need right to your devices and present them even without the use of the Internet.

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Prestigious Developers Invited in Cupertino to Finish Apple Watch Software

appleIt’s all set: Apple Watch will be introduced in April – a confirmation attested after Bloomberg disclosed that the company had invited several prestigious developers from different social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to finish the Apple Watch software held at Starwood Hotels & Resorts.

Lab developments werehighly-confidential, as well as the final testing. Reports said participating developers were only allowed to bring a hard drive containing their source code which will only be released once the watch is out in the market.Apple’s first wearable device is also likely to serve as the publicationof iOS 8.2 and the launching of 12-inch MacBook Air.

Source: 9 to 5 Mac

GE Introduces Software To Fast Track Power Outage Recovery

tool2GE’s inspiration in designing the recovery software is the dilemma brought by Hurricane Sandy when millions of American customers were left without power for several days. The objective of the software is to help companies manage recovery period in a faster way whenever they need it.

With the latest GE software, companies will have faster data restoration. This software caters several industries such as power and water companies, aviation, healthcare, transportation and even oil and gas companies. Although it does not come cheap, GE guarantees a long-term expediency. The first client to try the software is the Colorado’s power company provider, Colorado Springs Utilities.

Source: Data Center Knowledge

Secretly Installed Bitcoins in the Latest uTorrent

computer2Secretly installed bit coins were discovered by uTorrent users – software never seen before by BitTorrent users. Collectively known as EpicScale, this program has been detected users who sensed that their devices were using more processing power than before.

Despite BitTorrent’s reassurance that the program was not installed without clients’ permission, numerous customers still feel violated seeing such program installed in their systems.If you have been experiencing the same problem, and you feel like your device runs hotter than it does before, you may want to lookat the list of programs installed through Control Panel and manually remove the EpicShare.

Source: After Dawn

New Features for PlayStation 4 Software Update

PS 4 users, this news is for you: New software features will be provided for your gadget as Sony announces an invitation to chosen PlayStation gamers to pioneer in the beta program to try on the latest software update.

The software is tested through System Software Beta Testing program before releasing to PS 4 users who are eagerly waiting for this event. Among the much-awaited features coming to the console is system rest mode without quitting an application.

Although no date is stated, Sony confirmed that the latest update is currently under quality assurance stage and will definitely be out in the market soon.
Source: Tech Times

Animal Services Officers in Bernalillo Co. in Search of New Software

tool2Animal Control officers in Bernalillo Co. in New Mexico are currently looking for a software that will assist them in organizing a systematic dispatch and location of their officers every time they receive calls. Neighborhood has been complaining about the delay of response and calls from the authorities with their old system.

They found the software they need and it costs $30,000. The software will provide information for the officers in the field and they will be able to track the sheltered animals, too. These animals can be impounded, adopted or stray in the county. With the new software and right people, BCAS is positive to provide improved service.

Source: Koat

Paragon Partition Manager 15 Out Now!

The new Partition Manager 15 from Paragon, the leading partition software trusted by businesses and individuals worldwide, has come up with the latest, safest version of the Partition Manager.  Here are some of the features:

New Features of the Paragon Partition Manager 15

  • Quick and easy without data loss helps you handle your partitioning task without losing data; therefore, you can use it for dividing your hard disk into well-arranged partitions without mistakes, even if you don’t have technical skills. In this case, you can make use of memory storage space available where and how you want it. The Paragon Partition Manager 15 makes it easy for you to manage your hard drive partitions efficiently, made easier with its automatic alignment function.
  • Simple to use! The Paragon Partition Manager 15 is an intuitive program for making sure you will have enough space and utilizing storage space according to your demands. Now, you can split a large partition into two small ones, too.
  • Improved system and hard disk performance will help you make an ideal hard disk structure the way you want it, ensuring the volume won’t have its performance impaired due to wrong partitions.
  • Secured and highly innovative is another feature of the new Partition Manager 15 for allowing you to perform partitioning without losing a single data byte with its Power Shield to ensure there will be no mistakes even if a power interruption occurs and that the critical operations will resume when the power comes back.
  • Comes with the Recovery Media Builder 3.0 that makes it flexible and easy in making personal recovery surroundings on an external device. This function can also allow starting up your PC for recovery or maintenance purposes and firing it up using the bootable recovery environment and loading up an existing backup. It can rectify booting errors, too.
  • Version Partition Manager Professional and Partition Manager Home available

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Track How Updated Your Device is using the latest T-Mobile Software

computer2T-Mobile introduces its latest Android update-tracking software. The software aims to provide users the latest about Android updates, latest software and upgrades. Among its features is graphically illustrated process of upgrading your devices.  Users just have to click on their device model and the system will search the latest update for you by linking your device model to the page where you can find the information about the much-awaited update. Tutorials are also available for manual updating. Among the devices with corresponding update tracker are Galaxy Note 4 and HTC One M8.This latest system only proves that T-Mobile puts its customers’ welfare first.

Source: PC World

More From Solidfire: Expect Unlimited SSD

Solidfire, the data storage company that specializes in data reduction, system automation and scale-out platform design, offers its latest software to the hyperscale users such as Facebook. Its newest product SF9605, which will be available on March 9, has 34.5TB capacity and has the same capacity like SF9010 but requires minimal power, thus only producing 50,000 IOPs instead of 75,000. Quiet impressive, isn’t it? Solidfire CEO ensures that its flash products will stay in the market and support the current system but they continually develop innovative add-ons to the system. Initially installed system will probably wear off on the next two to three years – up to 20 years, its ceiling lifespan.

Source: The Register