ATM Software for WintrustMobile Banking

Wintrust Community Banks offers mobile banking convenience to their customers. Cardless cash transactions are now available for Wintrust clients. Smartphones and tablets with internet access can use the mobile banking app for banking on the go experience.

The software was developed with user security in mind so they included a feature that will eliminate fraudulent transactions. Transaction receipts are also sent to users so they can conveniently monitor movements on their accounts. This is a first step among mobile banking system that is developed by the company. Hopefully they can complete their current development of their mobile wallet by 2016.

Source: Daily Herald

VMware Receives Cool Reception for Latest Software

tool2Building home labs is much easier with the latest from VMware.

Dubbed as the EVALExperience, $200 is all it takes to be a part of the VMUG Advantage program. As a member of this user group, an individual can download the tools that are needed to create and develop software. Programs that can be downloaded include vCenter Server, vSphere, and vCloud Suite among others.

The downside of this software is that the system requires three hosts to operate plus two CPUs. It is also a puzzle among users if the two CPUs will be enough for future evaluations. It is a good thing though that VMUG chair, Brian Kirsch is participating on user forums to discuss the issue.

Source: The Register

Sling TV for a Modern Couch Potato

Good JobTelevision is a vital part of any home. Quite a number of entertainment hours are spent in front of the TV so it is not surprising that improving it is considered to be a multimillion-dollar market.

With the latest advancement, a new hardware and software combo was introduced on the recent International Consumer Electronics show. Couch potatoes are going to be thrilled about having Sling TV. The service is all about having on- demand programs, live entertainment, and favorite TV programs but without the hassle of having cable connections. This is thought to provide viewers with more options rather than being tied to a contract.

Source: EWeek

Brand New Software Platform for Maine Airport

compupter6Bangor International Airport is proud to be the first in North America to have the FBO One fuel management and aircraft handling software.

With this technology, pilots will be able to reduce waiting time during payment processing. A gas and go operation can be done using a hand-held tablet that can access the FBO one system. Airside credit card payments are possible so everything is done in a hurry. The system is also a good way to monitor aircraft arrival and stay at the airport and automatic application of ramp fees are added to the invoice. It also computes payments according to contract rates and aircraft type so less people are needed to operate the operations.

Source: Aviation International News

Program Building Software for Everyone Developed

tool2Tom Feigenbaum, an Indianapolis entrepreneur, has a brilliant idea that will change the future of software programming.

According to Feigenbaum, it is essential to have software that will make ordinary users to tweak or change any program even without being taught about coding and other programming stuff. With this Lego- inspired manner of changing and building programs, many people would be able to contribute and take part in improving a lot of software. Since creating software is still a growing trend, lots of people are needed to become knowledgeable about how it works. The software being developed is hoped to become a bridge to make it easier both on educators and to the aspiring developers to learn the basics but be able to work wonders.

Source: Indianapolis Business Journal

Tizen Powered Smartphone Unveiled by Samsung

confirmed1With the number of Android- powered devices flooding the market, Samsung chose to differ and took the risk of offering a Tizen- powered smartphone.

Said to be an alternative to Google’s Android, Tizen operating system shows a promising future now that one of the world’s competitive gadget company has chosen to use it.

The new smartphone is called Samsung Z1, which will be priced as an entry- level phone at less than $100. Aside from smartphones, Samsung is also planning to make Tizen a part of their other devices like their home appliances and their line of wearable devices. Hopefully, this will help the company become an established brand in trying to connect home devices to one another and truly claim their spot as a leader in the Internet of things”.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Software Containers: Not Bad for Programmers

tool2Cloud computing is a growing trend among software companies. Instead of becoming a threat for developers, it instead helped in speeding up the computing power of the programmers.

Making and updating software has never been easier and faster through software containers. In fact, with big companies such as Google and Amazon egging the developers to have their works used on their services, more programmers are encouraged to use software containers to their advantage.

Such software- making tool has positive changes in the usual process of making software. A global- scale cloud system also paved the way to having start- up companies gain a strong presence as their software becomes readily accessible to a lot of potential users.

Source: BITS

E-911 to Receive $324K Worth of Software

compupter6Local board members for the E911 funding are contemplating on providing $324,000 to update its software. This is to improve the communication channels between dispatchers and men on the field.

Along with the plan of upgrading their system, it is also suggested to have the city provide about $470,000 that will be used to make the current records management software updated. Other than the necessary software updates, funds are also needed to purchase new computers and equipment that should be compatible with the new software.

Houston County Commission Chairman Culver says that the plan to improve E-911 systems is great, useful, and very timely but it should not put an undue pressure on the part of the local government.

Source: Dothan Eagle

GameStop Boosts Sales

tool2After a sad decline in sales last November, GameStop Corp. is now gaining momentum as seen in the 6.5% surge in the recent trading session.

Even with sales during the holiday period declined to as low as 2.7%, new software sales compensated for up to 8.9%. This was driven by the 94.4% demand on titles such as Activision’s Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Ubisoft’s Far Cry 4, and Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V.

Hardware sales, however, is a disappointment as it downed at 32%. Fourth quarter results of GameStop earnings in shares and sales are expected to come out by March 26 this year.

Source: Zacks

Galaxy S5 to Get Software Update in the UK

After Google launched Android 5.0 Lollipop for its devices, Samsung has made the update available for Galaxy S5 models and handsets in the UK have started receiving the updates in January. Other companies like HTC and Motorola promised to send out the same software update for their own devices soon.

While the latest software update is available on the latest Galaxy model, Samsung plans to update older models of smartphones and tablets while Luciano Carvalho, a software engineer, confirmed via Google Plus that the update would be made available even to devices that were released from 2013 to 2014.

Source: International Business Times