ASTAR to Measure Flight Efficiency

tool2NASA researchers started testing the latest software that would make the National Airspace System better with less noise due to airplanes near big airports. This new software is named ASTAR or Airborne Spacing for Terminal Arrival Routes. ASTAR aims to develop precise spacing between airplanes by measuring speeds needed to arrange or sequence them correctly with each airplane as well as assigning speeds to pilots. Sounds interesting? Check out the full story from the source.

Source: Flying Mag

Apple Showcases Works of Art by Users

appleApple launched a mini website for this 2015 to show off the capabilities of Mac and iOS along with other software. This new online venue is hoping to inspire people to start with something new by showing off how artists have created art using Apple products. Sources said that every piece of art in the gallery is product of creativity of Apple users in making works of art. Some featured devices include iMovie, Brushes 3 and iOS apps.

Source: Today’s iPhone

Sapience Analytics Suggests ‘Working Smarter’

Good JobCompanies are starting to monitor their employees’ productivity while giving emphasis to time on work.  In order to accomplish their goals, they’re taking making new policies, such as using swipe cards to verify their time in and out the office, blocking the internet and rewarding employees who spend longer hours at work. According to Sapience Analytics, a company that has developed productivity software in 2009, the secret to measuring higher productivity is about to working smarter.

Source: Times of India

New Updates, New Channels for Apple TV

appleApple has issued a major channel update and some new apps for its Apple TV. Among the latest apps for the device are The Scene, Fusion, Dailymotion, and UFC.TV, restored Google GOOGL +1.19% and YouTube.

Among the features of the latest update are new and betters designs, personalized recommendations for each user and better contents.The redesigned YouTube for Apple TV are aligned with apps like the Roku, Xbox and PlayStation.

Users with automatic software updates can access their updates from their Apple TV while manual software updates can be accessed by logging in to Settings > Software Updates > and then Update Software. Remember, there may be severalupdate restrictions, depending on where the country you are located.



New Software for ACT Sports Injuries

Good JobIn a 2009 study conducted by Sport and Recreation Services show that a total of $6.6 million is spent for sport-related injuries to the ACT economy annually. However, Sports Medicine Australia’s ACT division aims to address this problem by developing software that aims to record every data and interpret them to identify what injuries could have been prevented.

The program is a process that begins with community sport. From there, data will be collected for analysis. Through this process, experts will come up to the conclusion on how to make a sport safer and minimize the long term effects of these injuries.


Maritime Operations Made Easy With New Software

tool2i-Ship, the latest software application specially designed for maritime purposes is developed to simplify reporting for shipping operators including simplified pre-loading and notifications. The software, which is believed to be more cost effective than traditional process was developed by an EMAR funded project. The software connects vessels, operators and other reporting authorities in one line reporting system – in a clearer and faster way.

The system has achieved its full-compliance authentication from EU administrative procedural laws. It is also customizable and provides real time reporting fleet status, making European maritime transportation safe, secured and globally competitive. Maritime transportation is one of the country’s main economic resources.


Passport Application Made Easy: Process Online

Good JobRegional Passport Officer, Mumbai Swati Kulkarni announced the latest software that aims to simplify the application of passport in the country. Among the features of the latest software are online appointment system, biometric finger prints and system-captured photographs. The website also features the most commonly asked questions of applicants – with corresponding answers.

The launching of the software means a speed up and sweat-free processing, especially for the minorities. As of now, there are 78 Passport SevaKendras across the country and there will be more service centers to be located in several districts. The program is supported by service provider TCS.


Android 5.0 Lollipop Update: HTC One M8 And M7 Receive New Version 5.0.1 Software

confirmed1After Google Play’s announcement about its latest Android 5.0 Lollipop software last October, HTC Corp. began sending newsfeeds to its subscribers to update their software devices. Among the first devices to receive the news about the update are HTC One M8 and HTC One M7.

Along with this development, Google has been addressing bug issues about Android 5.0.1 such as factory reset and video playback. Other HTC devices such as One (M7) Dual SIM, Desire EYE, HTC One M7, HTC One (E8), HTC One (E8) Dual SIM and HTC Butterfly 2 will be updated in the first quarter in 2015.


Wearables Make Hardware The New Software

appleApple has invested and launched its Apple Watch to match Google’s Android Wear and other wearable in the market today.  Although the design for this new fad is not yet confirm, it is but recognizable that wearable devices have become a hot demand in the market today – more likely similar to the hype created by smartphones during the earlier period.

Among the famous wearable brands today is the Fitbit with almost 67% of the 3.3 million fitness bands in the market. Itsstarted as a wristband activity tracker device that was introduced in April 2013 and March 2014 in the U.S.


New Software Detects Personal Identifiers In Email

users1The Air Force introduced Digital Signature Enforcement Tool, the latest software that warns users from including personally perceptible data in their emails. DSET 1.6.1 aims to reduce, if not eliminate victim of security breaches, which commonly happen during email exchanges.  It has the ability to detect if the sender included personal information in his or her email. The sender will receive a pop up message warning him or her about the possible critical information he or she might have included in his or her email. In doing so, the sender will be given enough time to delete that information before sending it.