Detekt: A New Software Tool In The ‘Cat And Mouse’ Game Against Big Brother

Good JobNews, forums and movements about the governments installing spyware in devices without their owners knowing it have been one of the hottest discussions for the past decades now. Since the inception of advanced technologies and the governments’ openness about monitoring the movements of their persons of interest, people have been worried about their privacy.

Activists and human rights advocates can now have a tool to detect if their Windows’ operated computers have spyware installed in them – the Detektsoftware. Claudio Guarnieri, one Detekt’s developers said that countries like Bahrain, Morocco, UAE, Oman, Ethiopia, Sudan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, India, Mexico, Panama, UK, and Germany have been using the software.


New Software Development for Amazon’s Kindle Users

Good JobRecently, Amazon has released its newest software update for Kindle. The software update would soon be available and take its place in Kindle Paper and Kindle Voyage. According to sources, the update would eliminate the trouble users experience while using Kindle.

One of the things that the update includes is the feature Word Wise. This is geared specifically towards a person or children who seek to learn English. This feature also makes reading a book more enticing. What’s also good about that feature is that it displays what vocabulary words means just by a single click. For more information about this post, go to the source.

Source: The Hoops News

BlackBerry Unveils Latest Software and its Partnership with Samsung

Reading-StickerToday, BlackBerry is teaming up with a handset maker that they’ve battled fiercely in the past. Many people thought that it is impossible, but BlackBerry Ltd and Samsung Electronics Company have come into a partnership. The said agreement took place at a media event last Thursday in San Francisco. The move would enable Blackberry’s security standards brought into Samsung’s smartphones.

This move is considered as an onslaught for the company’s announcements to become the leader in management services for smartphones. This includes iPhones, BlackBerry or Android devices. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

Source: The Globe and Mail

New Software that Repairs Damage and Kills Malware

Just recently, new software that does not only eliminate malware, viruses and other forms of it was developed. According to experts, the software doesn’t just deal with eradicating any malware or virus, but instead, it also repairs any form of damage that it may have caused. The people behind its development are computer scientists from the University of Utah.

The new software called A3 or Advanced Adaptive Applications, works through a virtual computer. The virtual environment would then emulate its operation. In addition, this software has been developed to protect servers and other identical commercial grade computers. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

Source: Tech2

New Software that Converts Wi-Fi Signals into Sounds

Good JobToday, Frank Swain, who is a Freelance Science writer in the United Kingdom, has come into the development of software that helps the deaf people hear again. According to sources, Frank was able to convert locally found Wi-Fi signals into good quality audible sounds with the help of sound Artist Jones. The new software called Phantom Terrains is designed to work with Smarthphones and digital hearing aids.

The software is well capable of decoding analyzing data from nearby locations. After which, the sounds are then transformed into audible sounds. For more information on this post, go to the source.

Source: IBN Live

New Software that Aims to Help the Deaf People Hear

tool2London – Today, even the deaf would surely be able to hear nice and sweet sounds, thanks to the newest software developed by Frank Swain. Frank is a London based writer responsible for the development of the Phantom Terrains. This software uses Wi-Fi signals to enable a deaf person hear sounds.

The said software works with hearing aids and iPhones to turn locally found signals into audible sounds. This form of digital hearing aid would surely recreate all soundscape with proper amplification and less of the noise into audible sounds. For more information on this post, go to the source.

Source: Zee News

Is Free Software Really Free?

really-freeI read a great article by Reda Sedrati and just had to share some of his thoughts here.

Business owners, individuals, project managers and employers often perceive ‘free software’ really free of charge, but is it? All sorts of software, including automation tools, free antivirus and open source applications are offered at no cost, and it is natural they look into these tools to save money and resources. The question is, “Are they getting the most of the buck saved?”  Everyone should remember, however, that free is not always free, as they are marketed to be.  Check this out.

The Prices Of Paying Attention to Free Software

  1. You will be spammed for life. From the moment you signed up and became a user of the free software, you have given away your email address, which gives this vendor the chance to include you on their leads list. On the perspective of the vendor, it will also give them the opportunity to market their product, which eventually, you upgrade to avail of powerful features they offer.
  2. You get no technical support or updates. As a free user, you can experience glitches using the tool, but to no avail, you do not get any support from the vendor. Gradually, you may want to upgrade to a paid version, but if you do not, you may have to solve the problem yourself through browsing forums, where people with the same experience might have posted a useful workaround your issue, only if you are lucky enough.
  3. Freeware can be malware, virus or spyware, something to cost you more money than you had saved for buying paid tools out there. By downloading free software, your computer may be infected with malicious codes, spam and viruses because some of these free tools can take over your PC and steal your contact and credit card information overnight.
  4. Free tools do not have enough functionality and reliability to support your operations.
  5. Another disadvantage of using free tools is that they can have many flaws, which will give you hard time performing your tasks, other than finishing on time. Are you up to dealing with headaches?

As you see, nothing is free, and if you were a business owner embarking into a new venture, you have to test software for reliability, sustainability, usability, security and technical support.

Source: Business2Community

The Billion Dollar Reason Why Facebook Looks to Move into Enterprise Software

Today, many experts believe that Facebook is looking to get into the enterprise software business. According to the latest Financial Times report, the company is  developing software that is meant for use at a company’s workplace. The software being developed is named Facebook at Work.

The report indicated that this software would enable employees to gather professional contact information, collaborate and edit documents. The big question now is why would the company move away from being one of the most used social networks? How is it going to affect Slack and Yammer that is used by thousands and thousands of businesses? For more information on this post, go to the source.

Source: Business Insider

Microsoft Warns the Public against Counterfeit Software

12-6-2012-1-55-52-AM1Singapore – Recently, the Intellectual Property Rights Branch (IPRB) of the Singapore Police Force conducted a raid at a computer store last Monday, November 17. The said computer store was found selling counterfeit licenses for Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 and Windows 7 Pro. During the raid, law enforcement officers also found out that the store is selling HP (Hewlett-Packard) laptop computers that are installed with fake software from Microsoft.

In addition, the police force was able to seize 43 Lenovo, HP and Dell computers. According to them, the total value of the seized items is valued at S$80,000. For more information on this post, go to the source.

Source: Channel News Asia

Advanced Image Recognition Software Announced

tool2Mountain View, California – Just recently, new image recognition software is announced by a two groups mainly composed of scientists at Stanford University and Google. According to sources, the software is going to challenge its predecessors. What they have created is software that is well capable of recognizing a photograph as well as its description.

The software is somewhat limited to the recognition of a single object. However, the way it writes a caption in the English language is truly amazing. Experts believe that developing it further would benefit many people of today. For more information on this post, go to the source.

Source: The New York Times