AMCS Group Acquisition of Danish Transport Software Company

users1Just recently, the AMCS Group, a recycling and waste management software firm based in Limerick, have successfully acquired Transvision, a Danish transport company. Even though the terms of the acquisition weren’t disclosed, AMCS have gained a turnover of €8 million from its clients in 12 countries that include Denmark and the Netherlands. AMCS knows what they’re getting into since they have collaborated with the Danish firm for the past several years.

This move would allow them to incorporate its software capabilities. The company’s platform has been used by more than 20,000 vehicles across 2,000 sites across the world. Jim Martin, chief executive of the company, indicated believes that Transvision is unparalleled in the industry. For more information on this post, go to the source.

Source: The Irish Times

London Police and their Predicting Software

The London Police have gone to test software that’s designed specifically going to determine which gang affiliations or members are more likely going to commit violence. According to sources, the said program will run for 20 weeks is also the first in its class to have surfaced in the United Kingdom. However, some identical experiments were launched in the past elsewhere.

The software will use 5 years of information and historic data. In addition, the software will rely on that idea in order to analyze up-to-date information once it’s deployed, while civil liberty campaign participants did voiced out their concerns recently. For more information on this post, go to the source.

Source: BBC

IBM Exits Semiconductor Business And Re-Creates Itself

users1IBM drops its semiconductor business and decided to sell it for $1.5 billion – and this is for good. The decision was made after it finally and completely shifts to research, software and systems development.  Although IBM is known for semiconductor business, it is not exactly its specialization and it is only a small part of its business.  The company looks forward to this business shift and is very optimistic about their future venture as a huge player in technology and research development. IBM has been known for years for its computing devices, hard drives, computers and its latest acquisition of Lenovo.

Source: Computer World

Lexis Nexis Acquires Software Firm

compupter6Lexis Nexis acquires Moreover Technologies Inc., a software firm based in Reston, Virginia. The company’s managing director Tom Ogburn said they are very optimistic and excited about the acquisition and are looking forward for future investments with the new firm.   Although the terms and conditions of the deal including proprietorship terms are not disclosed to the public, the acquisition just made Lexis Nexis one of the leading firms in the region. Moreover is known for its specialization in social media, Web platforms and broad. As for now, it stands as the 8th largest employer in the area with 3,200 employees. It is also expected to combine with Newsdeskin 2015.

Source: Biz Journals


Scheduling Software: Top Five on the Market

tool2Scheduling and managing time for staff members are key positions to a successful business. With ShiftPlanning, an employee scheduling software, businesses will make a seamless and efficient time organizations for their staff members. ShiftPlanning allows employers to clearly see the hours that each staff makes, the remaining hours available and the shifting schedules needed. It also allows employers to find staff who are readily open to cover a certain shift. Another feature of the software is the smooth plotting of overtime, leaves and payout calculations.  ShiftPlanning was designed in 2009 and been gaining good reviews so far. Pizza Hut, AirBNB, T-Mobile, Hulu and many other companies have been using this software.

Source: Tech Radar


Xbox One First Major Must-Have Title

computer2Today, Forza Horizon 2, listed at $59.99 is the first major title that every user must have on their list of things to buy for their Xbox One. This move was made to keep up with Playstation’s Gran Turismo gaming series. This game paves its own path by going through the fenced backyard towards the lane in the between the arcade and simulation genres.

According to its developers, the game was created out of the fictional Horizon event that’s a racing competition held in Italy and France. This game is a beautifully designed fantasy game for driving racecars in an open and big lawless land. For more information about this post, go to the source.

Source: PC Mag

AntiVirus Plus 2015 of McAfee

Having something extra from antivirus software is something special, this is what users or subscribers of McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2015 would get. With this edition of the security suite, which is available for $49.99 for a year or $79.99 for 3 licenses, users could get what they expect and need from any antivirus. With it, users can utilize an effective antivirus suite that includes vulnerability scan, system tune up, firewall and many more. The product seems to have retained its main interface from the edition last year. Even though it’s still big that almost fill the entire screen, users can expect a user-friendly interface. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

Source: PC Mag

The Adobe Photoshop Elements 13

tool2Today, Adobo Photoshop Elements, which is available for $99.99, continues to get smarter, more helpful and stronger. The said app enables beginners to create advanced Photoshop effects easily and at the same time offering a sophisticated tool that includes masks, color management and layers. Part of Photoshop’s magic has been trickled down into Elements such as smart object selection, content-aware manipulations and customized eye popping filter effects. Most common processes like black and white editing and cropping were boosted in the version 13 of the software. What’s also good about the software is the Facebook specific tool, enabling the user to have an edge when it comes to sharing photos. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

Source: PC Mag

Symantec Made Norton Security Installation Easy

compupter6Symantec made the installation of Norton security simpler. All that users have to do is to key in their license key during the first time of installation. After which, any user would simply log in to their Norton account online, allowing them to download the installation software for Mac, Android device and PC. Other than that, users can send an email towards the device they look to protect. No matter which way the user chooses, installation of it is going to be a snap. What’s good about this is that it now comes with a guarantee, called the Virus Protection Promise. This would allow the user to ask for a refund if the security can’t remove any virus or malware. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

Source: PC Mag

Yelp Is Now Available for iPhone

tool2Today, Yelp is now made available for iPhone users all across the globe. Yelp has the ability to give detailed reviews and information of businesses that’s truly remarkable. The iPhone app that users can get do have a pretty good design that makes it relatively easy to use. Although this app may need some simplication, the said app is still an editor’s choice app for iPhone because it does make life on the go more enjoyable and better. The app’s usability and interface is packed with features, sections and tools. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

Source: PC Mag