How Apple’s Innovative Design Became Boring Design

appleBeing the world’s most powerful technology company, Apple earned the user-centric approach when it comes to its function and design. This however, also made it more distant to gimmick designs that its competitors are very fond of. Apple’s design development totally abandoned the fun and personalized designs since late 1990s and early 2000s. Apple is known for its corporate and minimalist designs. Although many manufacturers have tried to introduce a more fun design, they didn’t last that long in the market. They all resort to aluminum and glass, design pioneered by Apple. Many people are missing the old playful Apple design and they still believe that innovation is yet to come.

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Gadget Watch: Samsung Gear S smartwatch

compupter6Samsung launched its latest Gear S smartwatch that features a more convenient way of wearing and connecting your device closer to you. With Gear S, you can connect your smartphone to receive calls, listen to music and even create voice commands. You can also pair it with your Bluetooth devices such as headphones for an easier mode of communication.The bestselling point of this device is its portability. You can wear it, listen to music and get notifications right away without holding your phone. It has also a dual-core 1GHz processor with 512Mbyte RAM (Samsung Tizen, 50mmcurved OLED display, 4Gbyte flash and a 3G connection.

Source: Electronics Weekly

This New App Uses Super Passwords To Thwart Hackers

appleThe past weeks’ news headlines about celebrities’ photos hacked from their online accounts triggered users and manufacturers to build stronger security.  As it has been discussed in many forums and many experts have testified, it is very important to have complex passwords. Complex but it must be easy for you to remember but hard for hackers to figure out. Master Password is a free app that lockdown your accounts and help you create secure passwords.   It also stores your password. All you have to do is open the app, copy the password you need for a particular account and paste it. However, you must still memorize your password, especially for your Master Password account.

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MINOR UPDATE: Snagit v12.2 for PC and Snagit 3.2 for Mac

It has always been the main goal of Snagit to make things as easy and as light for all users no matter how technically knowledgeable they are. With the most recent versions, the tool introduces a new and faster learning curve to communicate ideas in a snap!

What’s New for Snagit v12.2 for PC and 3.2 for Mac

  1. Light theme for Windows wherein users can choose a theme that works best for them, light or dark for the canvas.
  2. A newly improved scrolling function for Windows
  3. Enabled batch saving for images (Mac) to the file format you desire
  4. Autosave location for Windows
  5. A newly improved video capture function that works best for stabilizing it for Mac
  6. And more….

Here’s a Glimpse

There you have a few of the recent innovations that our favorite snagging tool on the planet has in store. Get the most of Snagit by upgrading HERE today!


Upgrade now to Snagit v12 (PC) or v3 (Mac) & Get SuperStamps v4 Upgrade for only $44.90

MotoGP Software Development Freeze

The Grand Prix Commission decided to stop developing Unified Software for the MotoGP Class by 30th June 2015. It also set a new min MotoGP Class machine weight, reducing from 160kg to 158kg.The agreement was made after a general assembly last 13 September 2014 in Misano.  Starting July 1st, manufacturers are expected to use the 2016 unified software. The latest software version is based on the current software in the market utilized by several open category machines. Non-participating manufacturers still have less than a year to develop their own software while MotoGP is still open to include other manufacturers in developing new unified software.

Source: Moto GP

Researchers Create Software Capable of Intelligently Averaging Thousands of Photos Into One

compupter6AverageExplorer is new software that allows audience to see multiple hundreds of similar images from a single image. Developed and introduced by researchers from US Berkeley, this software is an automated amalgamation from a collection of images. The objective of the software is to narrow down the vast image results when searching images from Bing, Flickr or Google. Images from these search engines are summarized and combined to give the nearest possible result.   It has an additional feature which enables the software to improve and polish image searches to provide a more accurate result. This feature can further lead to a more detailed image.

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Software Patents Are Crumbling

tool2With numerous software seek patent for their names and services filed in the Supreme Court, the court justices are often torn if these software are really needed by man at all. The software’s shallow objectives and purposes prompted the Supreme Court a list of software patent request in the past 13 years – and it continues to pile up.  The court ruled against the patent requests, as it does not see their practical use. As the matter of fact, the court turned down six within the month – all of them are deemed nullified. However, people are questioning how long would the court rule against them.

Source: Vox

iPad Made Easy

appleSeveral iPad users might have experienced difficulty on using the product especially when they are new to iPad or Apple products. The following tips make iPad easy.

To search special characters such as e §, Ç and ß or get rid of them, refer to . This is true to iPad users who have Bluetooth keyboard plugged in. If you are a Mac user, you can try viewing your document on it to hide or show the hidden characters.

You also do not need any software to connect an Android phone to your iPad. File transfer, sharing and connectivity are easy as long as they have the same file format.

Source: NY Times

Weibo Gives a Sneak Peek of Windows 9

compupter6Weibo in China gave a sneak peek about the expected look of the coming Microsoft Windows 9. Although it may not be the final look of the logo, people can draft a look based on the hint.  It looks like a number 9 composed of several Windows logo. With the market anticipating Windows 9, many are curious about the changes that the company made to the product. The difficulty of Windows 8 has been a talk of the town for a while after its launching in 2013.  Experts say that the new OS must be better and improved to win back previous Windows users. Windows 9 is set to launch in September 30.

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Sega Blames Gearbox for Misleading Aliens: Colonial Marines Marketing in New Legal Filing

tool2Gearbox and Sega’s battle over Aliens: Colonial Marines is getting nastier after the later filed lawsuit against Gearbox for business issues. Sega, the publisher, claims that Gearbox, the developer, has been doing promotions without its approval. On the contrary, Gearbox ensures of its role as a contractor and does not have any association with the game’s promotion.

Gearbox declined Sega’s agreeing to settle the lawsuit for $1.25 million in August hearing, pursuing another hearing in the future. Sega plead to the court to discard Gearbox’s claim but the court rules to invite the developer.  Stay tuned for more hearing updates in October 29.

Source:  PC Gamer