China Plans Rivaling Apple, Google and Microsoft

China plans of replacing Apple, Microsoft and Android coming October as they envision of creating their very own mobile and desktop software to kick out Google, Apple and Microsoft. Rumors revealed that they plan to release this tool that will have its own app store and that they later on plan to release its tablet and Smartphone version in the next few years.

Source: Business Insider

VMWare to Defuse Software Threats

tool2VMWare is planning to defuse software threats by planning hardware, the latest buzz around, after they have seen threats to their promising franchise. Recently, they announced the distribution another version of OpenStack that is used as a tool in managing data centers and that is offering containers that some companies are using to deploy business software.

Source: WSJ

Where’s Social Media Enterprise?

tool2Some companies and tools have been released to meet the social media enterprising needs, but that are yet to match real expectations.  The viral properties of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are phenomenal but that is yet to be matched by social media enterprise adoption. Therefore, the growth of the social software market did not meet its goals as it had been previously hyped.

Source: Biz Tech Magazine

Foreign Security Software Vendors Can Still Sell

tool2Chinese government has temporarily cancelled all overseas security software suppliers to give way to its local suppliers. US-based Symantec Corp and Russia-based Kaspersky Lab negated the news that they are totally banned in the Chinese market. This statement was issued after a report from The People’s Daily stating that China has eliminated the two major providers from supplying security software in the country. The software market division does not see Chinese government’s action as a huge threat to Symantec’s and Kaspersky’s financial stability as a very small part of their business income derives from Chinese government. Symantec is determined pursue bidding and winning government projects in China.

Source: ECNS

Pudong Software Park to Open a New High-tech Shopping Center

Good JobBrace yourselves shoppers as the newest high-tech shopping mall is scheduled to open at Shanghai Pudong Software Park. The mall operator confirmed the grand opening is set late this year.

The new mall is expected to feature retailers, restaurants, a 4D cinema and a wide range of gadget stores. More service stores are also anticipated to open here. The management has made significant renovation to give way to a more improved attraction.

Shanghai Pudong Software Park is known as the national software industry center. As the matter of fact, it exceeded its last year’s earning which amounted to 55 billion yuan (US$8.9 billion).

Source: ECNS

Xiaomi to Launch New MIUI Update Just like iOS7

Xiaomi, China’s largest smartphone manufacturer will be launching its MIUI6, its latest OS update. The OS is said to be the same as iOS7 of Apple. MIUI 6 is believed to have the same controls, features, interface and speed of iOS7. Xiaomi has been getting the market attention with its attempt to manufacture smartphones and tablets with similar look to iPhone and iPad. With today’s new MIUI6, Android users are expecting better gadget experience in an Apple-like device. Xiaomi management is excited about the update. It has over 70 million users worldwide and is further planning to introduce their products in the US early 2015.

Source: HNQN

China to Design Software for Local Phones

tool2Chinese Internet users reached 632 million last June, mostly composed of smartphone users. They control about 33.8 percent of the global market. This encouraged China to create its own independent line of software for locally manufactured smartphones. This plan is also fueled by the news about ‘unsafe’ phones that try to phish confidential information from its users.

It is no longer breaking news when the public was informed about Apple, a US based manufacturer have software installed with capability to access user information .In China alone, 632 million or 46.9 percent of overall Web population use their smartphones to access the Internet. This makes them capable of manufacturing their own mobile phones and sustaining their own market.

Source: ECNS

Google in Disguise to Look for Malicious Software

11-20-2012-1-01-10-AMGoogle’s Safe Browser continues to safeguard your system by encouraging you to download helpful software to detect viruses that can harm your devices. Safe Browsing will soon expand its security coverage, to add security features that will warn users about malicious software in the market. This malicious software can affect your settings, downgrade your system and switch your homepage to something you don’t even need.

Google Safe Browsing will help you prevent those changes from happening by warning you about them and blocking them from your system. Google has been getting positive feedbacks about Safe Browsing since its launching day.

Source: Android Headlines

CA Governor to Sign “Kill Switch” Bill on Cellphones

Only one signature from Gov. Jerry Brown and the cellphone kill switch bill will be an official law as approved by the California State Senate. The objective of the bill is to stop cellphone robberies in the State that often lead to more violent situations.

The bill requires all smartphones sold with California to come with a pre-installed anti-theft technology. The software technology should be able to switch off the phone while its hardware component should prevent a reset or phone reactivation without the owner’s authorization.

Apple has incorporated its own lock software called Activation Lock in iOS7, leading to a significant decline of phone robberies in NY, San Francisco and London. Violators will pay $500 to $2,500.

Source: HNGN

Software Provider Retsly now owned by Zilow

compupter6Retslya software company based in Vancouver, Canada is now under Zillow Inc. Retsly is known for standardizing real estate data from multiple listing services. This process allows developers to design data-driven products specifically for real estate need.sRetsly also delivers MLSs.

Although Zillow is not disclosing the monetary standings of the procurement, Retsly will continue its operation in Vancouver.Zillowconsiders the business acquisition a complementary step to their company’ goal of providing innovative products to improve real estate industry. They regard Retsly as an important and specialized assistance in delivering outstanding services to their clients and partners. Retsly, on the other hand is looking forward to its partnership with Zillow.

Source: National Mortgage Professional