Nuance Builds Smarter Speech-Recognition Software

compupter6Nuance’s speech-recognition software continues to become smarter. The company has announced their latest incarnation of their most popular software called the Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13. This software promises and aims to provide a more accurate and faster version. The said version eliminates any instances of slow and inefficient results.

Dragon’s accuracy level comes from the software’s ability to learn a person’s writing style and preferences in their word usage. Other than that, the software has the ability to make smart and logical suggestions that better predicts what a person actually means. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

Source: Venture Beat

EdgeWave Raised $11 Million

Good JobEdgeWave, a company that sells infosecurity services and software, did raised $11 million in its equity and debt finances in order to boost their sales together with their marketing efforts of its technology. The company, which was originally financed on a special function acquisition firm known as Sandhill IT, did focused on the content management and monitoring. With the company’s acquisition of Red Condor back in 2010, it became a full pledged IT security company.

EdgeWave has a combination of security software and a human factor consisting of top IT security professionals. Many of those professionals were former members of the United States Military. For more information on this post, go to the source.

Source: Tech Crunch

iTunes Services and Software: A Fast Growing Apple

tool2In the quarterly conferences that Apple held for the third fiscal quarter of the year 2014, Tim Cook, Apple CEO, said that the iTunes services and software became the company’s fast growing business field during the first 9 months of this year. According to Tim Cook, the iTunes services and software sector include both the iTunes Music together with the App Store.

The latter even saw strong results during the first 3-month period that ended last June. Apple continues to thrive harder along with the great performance of the App Store. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

Source: appleinsider

AppDynamics Raises about $120 Million

compupter6AppDynamics Inc., the developer of software that shows how applications perform so that companies can avoid bottlenecks was able to raise $120 million in its equity as well as debt that’s valued over $1 billion. The company’s chief executive Jyoti Bansai and other top executives of the company, who formerly worked at CA Inc., are now preparing to become an eventual IPO. Along with that, the company’s executives are also continuing their legal battle against their competitor, CA Inc.

Last Monday, CA filed the most recent salvo in their series of lawsuits. It all started when CA filed a case against AppDynamics due to a patent infringement in a federal court last year in New York. For more information on this, go to the source.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Announcing a New Version to Shape the Music World

Good JobEarlier this summer, Zack O’Malley Greenburg did published a very fascinating book that’s entitled Michael Jackson Inc. The subject title itself covered not just the music the legend has contributed to the music world, but a good insight of what a titan and the legend that Michael Jackson is for generations to come. The music icon laid down some business model that modern generations like 50 Cent or Curtis Jackson holds right now.

Jackson has taught many artists and entrepreneurs almost anything that one has to learn about the music industry. He has also lived a life that might be too expensive for some. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

Source: Forbes

Suspected Criminals to be Identified ‘in seconds’ by Police Facial Recognition Software

Good JobNeoFace, software that identifies suspects based on facial recognition is now on a six-month trial in the Leicestershire Police in UK. Designed by NEC, NeoFace captures pictures from CCTV, digital cameras and smartphones. It matches them to the police’s database of 92,000 possible suspects. The software focuses on highly-similar parts of the face using a facial recognition, providing a very close match – even with a mask or glasses on.

The software has been utilized in 200 events trial, providing the identity of suspects in seconds in 45% of several cases. Several countries now use the system to hunt down criminals.

Source: Telegraph Improved Graphic Interface of New EzPayroll Paycheck Software to Cater Small Businesses

compupter6No more problems for small business owners and new employers who use ezPaycheck payroll software. The software developer introduces the new and improved Windows style menu that enables clients to process payroll easily with the help of graphic interface.

EzPaycheck is automated paycheck software for an easier payroll processing. With additional graphic interface, users will learn the step-by-step of payroll process like setting up of employee information, data import, and payroll calculation.

EzPaycheck is suited for small businesses, nonprofits agencies and organizations like churches. It is available at a fair price of $89, with free 30-day trial for new users.

Source: Insurance News Net

Security Flaws Originated from Software Libraries According to Researchers

Two of the top-notch security researchers, Kymberlee Price of Synack and Jake Kouns of Risk Based Security proved that OpenSSL is not the only component vulnerable to attacks. They have identified 200 more products and Web services including Netflix, Google and Oracle products were attacked by security bug.

Their analysis revealed that famous software components used by famous software products are all affected. They encouraged companies should look closely at their third-party software partners and dig for vulnerabilities among libraries. Developers and IT professionals should work together to track down affected software libraries to maintain and provide a clean open-source components.

Source: EWeek

SAP’s Cloud Sales Climb, Software Descends

tool2The second quarter marks two significant events for SAP: its software sales are low while cloud sales continue to rally up. However, cloud sales were not able to bring up the company’s whole net profit and dropped because of a lawsuit regarding provision for a patent. The company’s cloud subscriptions and support revenue is valued at €241 million (US$329 million) this quarter – a major increase of 52 percent from the same period last year according to IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). SAP now serves 38 million cloud users – the fastest-rising cloud company so far.  It gained a steady advance in the Europe, Middle East and African region.

Source: Info World

Your Mobiles Are Safe – No Need for Anti-Virus?

Google’s head of Android security confirmed that there is no need for android phone and tablet users to install anti-virus on their devices. Adrian Ludwig, Google’s head engineer for Android security cleared the concept that other manufacturers perceive about apps on Google Play store.  He ensured Android users that Google checks and tests all its Android apps before they reach the app store, and eventually their clients. It is widely known that there are ‘protective apps’ for sale on other app store, which Ludwig characterized as ‘not a rational reduction of risk.’ However, he said installing anti-virus could be helpful for security conscious users.

Source: SMH