New Face Identification Technology Tested

tool2University of Hong Kong researchers have come up with software to identify faces better than how people can.  Together they have launched a new program in its test phase—the Labelled Faces in the Wild—to identify 6,000 photos out of the 13,000 in its database. Participants were asked to identify the photos themselves as well as the system. It turned out that the new face detection program was better with an accuracy rate of 99.15 percent compared to only about 97.53 percent of humans. To read the entire story, you may head to the source.

Source: ECNS

Buying TV Ad Time Now to be Automated

Good JobClypd, a software company is introducing a new system in collaboration with media partners. Using clypd’s new software called API, media partners such as Google, BrightRoll, DataXu, Accordant Media, TubeMogul, Turn, Collective and Trade Desk will purchase television commercials in a programmatic format. This process also enables ads to be seen on their target household, regardless of the program where it appears.  Clypd executives said this is just an initial step to innovate television viewing and deliver a higher level of online advertising. They also admit that there is still a wide avenue for development. Check out the full version from the post.

Source: AdWeek

Preserving the Past for the Future

compupter6Companies Discover Ever After and Plotbox intend to replace traditional ledgers and record books through modern technology. ‘Google maps for graves’ as it is called, is in-demand today especially for people who are looking for their love ones who have been gone from earth for many years. Looks like we can track anyone, anywhere today – even six feet under. Through ‘Google maps for graves’ people can search for names, dates, photos and other related information about a deceased person. Cemeteries throughout Antrim and Londonderry are now using this software and deemed to be helpful. Read more from the source.

Source: Belfast Telegraph

Look Who Is Back in the Game?

tool2With the launching of Sony’s PlayStation4 followed by Microsoft’s Xbox One in November 2013, video game executives thought that software sale would immediately kick double along with the hardware. But it is only in May when software sales shoot-up. Older consoles like Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 are seen to cause the downfall. But with the start of holiday shopping season, video game console sales began to rise. Store owners hope that it would come back in the ‘game’ in lieu to the expected launching of Nintendo and Ubisoft. Read more from the source.

Source: CNET

Security Holes Annoy Android Users

Li Bei is planning to get rid of any Android-based smartphone after he was bombarded with malware and pop-up ads. According to him, he was in really big trouble after he downloaded multiple games coming from the Android apps store. He added that the software had conflicts with one another, leading him to delete spams the next week. According to him, he noticed that the last straw of it shut down his android phone. What’s worse is that it deleted all of his contacts. If you’re thinking that he is alone, think again. Back in 2013, more than 700,000 malware apps or programs were found residing in the mobile cyberspace. For more information on this post, go to the source.

Source: ECNS

Defects with the New OpenSSL

compupter6Today, a statement was made at regarding the six vulnerabilities of the widely utilized software, the OpenSSL. The OpenSSL was the same software which recently made headlines in accordance with the Heartbleed vulnerabilities. The six defects within the software vary in its impact and severity that can allow cyber-attacks, creating the denial of service conditions. In addition, it is believed that in various situations a remote code execution, allowing hackers to run any type of code into your computer. Some experts have been really quick on these defects that may lead to another Heartbleed case. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

Source: Forbes

Spotify for Installing Security Software

tool2Are you wondering about things that could help you protect your personal and financial information online? After the most recent security breach, Spotify is requiring Android users to install security and safety software. Oskar Stal, Spotify’s Chief Technology Officer, announced the security breach that happened last Tuesday. He also clarified that their company is well on its way conducting investigations. As reported recently by the Washington Post, the said cyber-attack compromised one of the user’s accounts. However, no password, personal information or financial information was compromised in the attack. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

Source: HNGN

Google Driverless Car To Grow in Revenue

compupter6Robotics research and semiconductor businesses are excited of the latest Google autonomous car. Last Thursday, an industry analyst firm, IHS, stated that their researchers are foreseeing that Automotive Safety Integrity Level-compliant processor units and microcontrollers will increase from almost $70 million last year to about $.5B by the year 2020. However, the Automotive Safety Integrity Level-compliant microcontrollers should comply with standards and road safety regulations. In addition, the growth of sensors used for many autonomous applications will grow of up to seven folds by 2020. Part of the innovation, Google came up with a driverless car, one driving without human intervention, braking pedals and steering wheel. Read the full version of the story from the source.

Source: Computer World

Eighty Percent of Mac Will Be Able to Run on Yosemite

Good JobAbout eighty percent of Mac products will be running on OS X Yosemite that may be beneficial for customers who may want to upgrade this fall.  To keep with tradition, the Apple Company dumped support for iPhone 4’s iOS 8 that left the 4-year old flagship on iOS 7. As an update, the Yosemite will support Mac products, such as the Mavericks and the Mountain Lion. However, developers asked not to be named because they were not allowed to divulge any information about the pre-release of the software.  Read the full version of this story from the source.

Source: Computer World

Microsoft Flood Updates To Users

tool2Seven security updates will be delivered to the customers of Microsoft this week, sources said, and those will include users of Windows, Lync, Office and Internet Explorer.  Before such updates, the Windows 8.1 devices that depend on Windows for updates and for patches obtaining must move to the latest Windows 8.1 Update, the latest interim upgrade last April.  For the critical IE, it will include a patch for a vulnerability that went on slightly public last month. To learn more about this story, check out the source.

Source: Computer World