Essay Marketing Software On High Marks

users1The Alberta Education Department shouldn’t allow high stake Grade 12 diploma examinations be marked by any computer simply because today’s essay-marking programs are terribly flawed, that’s according to a retired writing assessment expert and professor from MIT or Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Les Perelman, who is one of the minds behind the computer software called BABEL or Basic Automatic B.S. Essay Language Generator. The said software is designed to play with today’s essay marking software. BABEL would generate a gibberish essay, which in return would get high remarks from robo-graders. This is what actually triggered him and his team, because of the fact that marking essays, as he believes is generally impossible through computers. For more information on this post, go the source.

Source: Edmonton Journal

Tesla and Facebook Writing Own Software

tool2Both Tesla and Facebook get their hands into writing their own software for its employees in selected areas, which gives both companies a distinct advantage. According to sources, the project is an ongoing one, making it commercially available software as well. The said effort extends beyond the development of mobile applications. What the app gives is the capability to keep an eye on content management, manufacturing and customer service. According to CIO Tim Campos of Facebook, their company aims to differentiate any experience their customers has and that consumers can’t have a limited number of choices when it comes to their choices. For more information on this, go to the source.

Source: CIO Journal

Samsung Products Might Be Banned for Sale

tool2The early May trial decision resulted in an infringement of Apple’s mobile patents which was committed by Apple. According to sources, Apple is looking to have those products that features its patents be banned for sale in the market. The company filed legal actions last Friday in their goal to get the better of the patent-infringement case, which was brought to a close in the state of California earlier this month.  In multiple verdicts, the court found out that Samsung did violated three of the patents from Apple. The company is asking that Samsung and those gadgets that violated its patents like quick links, automatic word correction and slide to unlock be banned for selling. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

Source: CNET

Mozilla Firefox Risks

images-1Today, experts believe that Mozilla’s Firefox is really in danger of becoming irrelevant because more and more people are going online using browsers that originated from their smartphones and tablets. This is according to a Web measurement vendor’s recent statistics. During the month of April, 1 in every 6 people that went online is surfing the web using a browser on their mobile devices.  According to Net Applications, mobile browsing did climbed more than 5% in the past 12 months, representing a total growth of 48%. The rest of those who went online back in April used a web browser that was already installed on their personal computer. For more information on this post, go to the source.

Source: Computer World

Microsoft’s Surface Tablet

compupter6Experts believe that Microsoft is continuously losing its money on the Surface tablet. According to the most recent reports, the company lost more $1.2 billion that is why many experts believe that it’s such an expensive and tough experiment for the company. Sources believe that this is the very reason why the company won’t even venture out in the smaller sized tablet form; thus, making the revelation of a new hardware a milestone for the device. The company is aiming for the devices corporate refashioning goal. Many believe that CEO Satya Nadella will unveil more than a couple of new Surface tablets upon stepping up to the New York stage. Sources believe that he will outline a direction for the company’s in-house hardware. For more information regarding this, go to the source.

Source: Computer World

Microsoft Not To Reveal Smaller Surface?

tool2Just recently, Microsoft revealed it would not release a smaller sized Surface tablet, according to several sources that are familiar with the company’s plans about the tablet. With many people anticipating a smaller sized tablet, which was dubbed by many as the Surface Mini boasting a 7 or 8 inch screen, will not be released any time soon. According to sources, Microsoft won’t be unveiling the said device in the company’s event on Tuesday in New York. However, sources believe that the company will rather unveil a bigger sized Surface Pro, which makes it clear that the company will not be diving into the smaller sized tablet market. Most experts believe that Microsoft will release a 12-inch Surface tablet soon. For more information on this post, go to the source.

Source: Computer World

Poke and Camera Apps Out on FB

Just recently, Facebook removed its Poke and Camera apps from the app store of Apple. According to sources, the social media giant has removed the standalone Poke app, which is an early clone of Snapchat, together with the entire Camera app. All of it was reportedly removed from the iTunes app store. According to a spokeswoman, the said apps were totally removed from Apple’s iTunes App store without having to publicly announce the said move, just like what other internet companies when a plug is pulled into any of their products. For more information on this, go to the source.

Source: ComputerWorld

Snagit 12 for PC and Snagit 3.0 for Mac OUT NOW!

Snagit 12.0 RELEASED

Snagit 12 for PC and Snagit 3.0 for Mac are out! Now a new snagging experience is made possible because the latest version comes with an updated editor interface as well as enhanced capturing functions.  By upgrading to the latest Snagit, you will also have the chance to get the bundle offer that includes SuperStamps v4!

What’s New with Snagit 12 for PC and Snagit 3 for Mac?

  • Video trimming for cutting or trimming your videos easier by using the in-point and out-point tools, enabling you to eliminate any unwanted sections from any screen recordings.
  • New capture experience that lets you select what capture you want to keep after snagging. Now, you can also resize your capture area to make sure that all what screen part you want can be included before you record your video or take a photo.
  • A reinvented editor interface that allows you to simplify your daily tasks is also for you! Now you can feel a more flat aesthetic editor to focus on your content.
  • Both the Mac and PC version are made closer to each other than the previous versions were. All the latest features such as the video editing function are part of the two platform versions.  Also, you can also use both the Mac and PC platforms as you wish with the same license.
  • SuperStamps v4 are part of the latest upgrade and come with more than 2,800 stamps for use directly with the Snagit editor.

Check out the full information of the latest release here.

Get the latest Snagit 12 today!

Apple: How About Beats

tool2In the past year, Apple has recruited several executives with the status of CEO. In today’s recent reports, another CEO will surely be needed if their acquisition turns out to be true. According to experts, the said move is due to the fact that Apple is looking for a grand expansion of the company. Though some type of negativity emanated from various kinds of media, it’s more likely that these people don’t understand what the company is really after. There have been many signs that go to show why Apple is looking to expand. Just by looking at the company’s new HQ, there are many unutilized capacities across its servers. For more information on this, go to the source.

Source: ComputerWorld

Linux Tails 1.0

Good JobIt is more likely that anyone who use the internet, whether on a daily basis to do business like shopping or pay their bills or weekly just to check on something, is going to be targeted by greedy data thieves. Governments, criminals and marketers are always going to try to sneak in to get a piece of your personal information. They won’t be satisfied up until they get what they want. One thing that can help protect you from any of your online activities with the assurance of not being spied is the Amnesiac Incognito Live System, which is known as Tails. Right now, Tails version 1.0 just came out that’s a 32-bit Debian Linux-based operating system. For more information on this, go to the source.

Source: ComputerWorld