eReflect: Showing the Way to a Powerful Headline

Good JobInternationally acclaimed eReflect, a software developer, has discussed and revealed things that are important to build a powerful headline. In addition, the said tool is said to help you create an attention-getting headline to engage people on social media. According to sources, eReflect has reports that less than 20% of website visitors are more likely to go beyond reading the headline.  What’s worse is that, more than 80% simply lose their attention on something that they read in less than two seconds. According to them, creating a headline that intrigues and engage may help battle these scenarios. To know more about this post, go to the source.

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Software Eats the World. You Know Why?

tool2Is software eating the world? Well, a proclamation in 2011 of Marc Andreessen stated that indeed software eats this planet. No wonder, software is used to track fitness trends, find and reserve a hotel and order a pizza, among other things that make our simple life very convenient. Software is also a common denominator for top businesses. Well, what do you think about software merging into reality? Learn more from the source.

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Best Software CEOs to Work With

Good JobWho are today’s 100 global software leader? An annual publication of Price Waterhouse Coopers reveals the list available for free download, an excellent read you should not miss. This list gives anyone an idea of the top software companies and CEOs to work with, so it’s helpful. Learn more about this new story from the source.

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Google Android Wear Challenges the Future Smartwatches

confirmed1Google unveils its latest wearable software, Android Wear, a version of an operating system, said Android Designer Alex Faaborg in his video promotion for the new software. Now, users can glance on updates and anything using smart watches. What do you think about this new wearable android? Finally, check out the source for the full version of the story.

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Hackers Without Borders

Way even before Edward Snowden ignited a global discussion regarding government surveillance measures, Tadesse Kersmo has already been living his life for it. Back in the 2005 national election of Ethiopia, both he and his wife campaigned for their country’s Pro-Democracy party that was the Coalition for Unity and Democracy.  The said party clinched an overwhelming victory during the said elections. However, protests broke free when the said results were overturned by the ruling party. In line with this, the European Union Observers reported an extensive human rights violation committed during the event. For more on this story, go to the source.

Source:  New Yorker

Latest iOS Update

tool2In Apple’s quest to improve what the iOS can offer, they have dropped the iOS 7.1. The said update was Apple’s first major update with the OS responsible for powering iPhones, iPods and iPads available in the whole world. According to them, the update will be a big one for the iOS. In addition, support for Apple’s CarPlay that is their newest system that allows users to enable their iPhone’s from functioning in people’s cars, according to the update. According to sources, people would have to buy a new car to utilize the full functionality of the said software. For more information regarding this news, go to the official Geek Wire site.

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Oracle: Changes in the ERP Software

Good JobRecently, Oracle Student Cloud and the latest version of People Soft Campus Solutions are in the works for improvements. According to IDG News, Oracle is aiming to make all necessary changes to the ERP software that is for a higher education institution. According to experts, this move was set to challenge or fend off what Workday has done on their end. In addition, a very new Oracle Student Cloud service is configured to manage non-traditional and traditional educational offerings. The first-born of the product is set for release in 2015. For more on this post, go to Computer World.

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How CarPlay Changes Driving

tool2Today, many people are discussing things about the effectiveness of Apple’s recent software CarPlay is going to combat distractions while are driving. Some are saying that it may just worsen the scenario, while some believes in its capabilities to help solve any disappointments on car electronics. What makes people believe in the software is that Apple is credible in software development. If you had experienced navigating your car’s sound system on Bluetooth radio, you’d know what this implicates. Now, CarPlay is believed to battle all sorts of dissatisfaction that you may have. For more about this news, check out the complete story from the source.

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CarPlay on BlackBerry QNX Platform

Today, experts have found out that Apple’s latest software, CarPlay, is running smoothly aboard a QNX platform, which BlackBerry bought back in 2010. Apple has truly managed to impress those at the tech press earlier this March. It was unveiled nine months ago and was named iOS in the Car.

According to N4BB, a BlackBerry news site, QNX’s spokesperson has confirmed that CarPlay’s interface is resting freely on their infotainment platform widely used today. What this infotainment platform does is to allow you and your passenger to poke the screen to change radio stations. To know more about the latest news, go to the source.

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Local Government Software Firm Acquired by Datacom

Good JobJust recently, Datacom have strengthened their hold of their offerings for local governments by buying Origen. The ICT service provider, which is based in New Zealand, bought Origen Technology. The said company was based in Tauranga, is the one responsible for developing Ozone. Ozone is one of the leading software platforms that are quite useful for local authorities. The said software is responsible for managing functions all across financial, customer service and regulatory services. Datacom believes that both Origen and Ozone will help them a lot in delivering local authorities the best products available. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

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