UltraEdit v21 Out Now!

UltraEdit v21 is out! The most powerful and best-selling text editor is launched with super powerful and innovative features. If you’re looking for a great text editor, grab UltraEdit, the most suitable HTML, and TXT, PHP, HEX, Perl, JavaScript, Java and Website Programmer’s editor.

It has flexible and easy to use functions to make work easier. The tool is perfectly designed for editing codes and text. It also has a configurable syntax code and highlighting structuring, perfect for any programming language.

It has features perfect for any workspace and project layouting and can work on handling any software development projects with its complete and sophisticated functions. Despite its wide range of functions, you will never feel intimidated with its easy to use interface that is highly customizable. It can work on files as large as 4GB.

What’s The Latest about UltraEdit v21?

It comes with a quick find function that works just as how your favorite browser works in helping you search items. You can find specific strings in an instant by simply pressing Ctrl + F.

With an improved multi-caret editing, you can now modify several portions of the same file at once. Plus, you can also remove unwanted lines from your file in one keystroke. Then, if you’ve committed any mistakes, you can remove any caret by just pressing Ctrl + Alt + Z.

UltraEdit v21 now has an improved FTP browser. It also comes with color-coded transfer status, split explorer panes and drag-and-drop transfers.

It can now also support various themes, allowing you to customize one that suits your current project. Functions such as the FTP browser, input fields and window splitter are customizable.

With the latest version, you can now use the FTP transfers in your output window. This time, all that you want to find and search for FTP file transfers are contained in an easily concealable container.

UltraEdit v21: Writing, Editing or Website Development, Programming and More

There is no doubt that your UltraEdit v21 is the most powerful tool to use for any workspace, industries and programming languages. If you want to start experiencing its ease of use and super cool functions, go and grab it for yourself.

Buy UltraEdit v21 today!

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tool2Today, NetMotion Wireless, the provider and developer of EMM or Enterprise Mobility Management software, has just announced that the newest version of Mobility have come out. This is by far the most trusted and secure platform when it comes to improving security, the control of your mobile workforce and productivity. Mobility has a lot to offer like a faster and more reliable mobile workforce surroundings. It also offers its users the best performance compared to native cellular device as well as the reduction of data usage. It delivers 300% faster download compared to what Cisco’s AnyConnect does. For more information regarding this software, go to its source.

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Good JobM-Hance recently announced the launch of SHL360, their newest CRM solution for hospitality, leisure and sports sectors. With it, they said that it’s going to provide a holistic, single view of guests, members and supporters through an integrated system. This enables businesses to create a more personal offering with their services. It helps improve profitability, financial control and efficiency. M-Hance’s SHL360 offers suite of up to 12 modules that includes reporting, marketing, ticketing, access control and finance. The interface has a modular solution highlighting a multiple payment system. To know more about this post, go to the source.

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