Open-Source Software And Innovation

tool2Do you know how open-source software drives innovation? Well, a solitary genius, keeping himself in a lab or garage, aiming to create the next huge discovery is a myth for some. Still, many believe that important innovation would always come from things that were present before it. Cars won’t even exist if man didn’t see how hard and how time uncomfortable it is to travel on a horse-driven carriage. Laser pointers would not be used if torches weren’t used in the past. Today, things are being developed at an average of 30% to 50% speed rate. Read the full version of the story from the source.

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Software Upgrades Prevent Charging System Overheating

Good JobTesla Motors have announced that the company is taking some steps in order for them to prevent overheating into their car’s charging structure. During the press release, they have indicated that they are giving their customers an opportunity to upgrade charging software and wall adapters. These are just some of the preventive steps that they are taking in order to avoid fire and other form of accidents. Based from Tesla’s observations, there are several reasons accidents may occur. These include corrosion of electrical outlets and inappropriate wiring structures. For more information, you may visit the source.

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Microsoft Soon To Furnish Malware Tool For XP

tool2There are certain things as to how sensitive data can be wiped out from your drive. These are all possible through blast furnaces, sledgehammers, degaussers and other secure-deletion software. These kinds of tools may vary in its effectiveness as to how it’s applied to a hard drive, a solid-state drive and flash drives as well as its subsequent usability. Microsoft has indicated that it will continuously furnish a malware software assassin for XP users up until the first half of 2015. Aside from that, the latest security news indicates that corporations are continuously receiving threats from cyber criminals. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

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Video Job Interviews Increases By 21 Percent

compupter6Most companies from local businesses up to large multinational companies are getting into live video interviews in order for them to screen their job applicant-prospect. There have been increases of about 21 percent in the number of employers that are using video patch interviews. This figure has doubled compared to how it was last year, which is according to Aberdeen Group of Boston. Based from Madeline Laurano’s statement, remote interviews conducted through videos have truly become an attractive process for recruiters and employers to save money and time. Aside from that, they also receive bigger pool of applicants. To know more information about this post, go to the source.

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Bitcoin Latest

Good JobWith the new partnership that was established between BitMonet and Coinbase, developers have created the new Bitcoin friendly Android applications. These things are made available because of new software tools for developers. According to sources, more and more Bitcoin payment apps will be developed. The said companies did release a new Software Development Kit or SDK in order to make these things possible. This would surely knock any hurdles out for the development of new Android applications. The apps that’s being developed is said to eliminate any issues with regard to the use of virtual currency. For more information about this, go to the source.

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Summa Grows Client Base

confirmed1Summa, being one of the leading software-consulting firms in the industry today is adding new employees as their client base is continuously growing. They are expecting a revenue increase by about 25% this year as they are expanding their services outside of Western Pennsylvania. Back in 1996, Summa only caters to big business entities in Pittsburgh. These include companies like PPG Industries Inc. and Carnegie Mellon University, a few as their main clients. According to CEO Audrey Dunning, the company is planning to take over companies in the Mid-Atlantic area like Washington, Philadelphia and Baltimore. To get more information about this post, go to the source.

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Software Eats The World Of Business

tool2Today, traditional industries are now taken now use software and the web in conducting business, and Silicon Valley even tagged software as something that is slowly eating the world. No one could miss on the phenomenon. For instance, humans are now being replaced by machines in manufacturing factories. Innovations in technology have been around for the past 20 years no, but you have not seen all of them. Even in China, a development in the finance industry has taken over. Read the full version of the story from the source.

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Office Template Tips and Tricks

tool2Do you want to learn of some expert tips on how to use the Office templates? If you are administering and distributing templates on a large scale, then you might not need anything new to learn, but you can share these tips to other users. First is that you have to understand the concept, as templates have their formatting and customized tools, helping users work more productively. You may also want to minimize making changes to the default templates you find on the Office templates because you might loss the customizations once you have upgraded. Read the full version of the story from the source.

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The BYOD Trend In The Workplace

The trend is on BYOD or ‘bring your own device’ into the workplace. For many managers, they are happy seeing their employees using their tablets and devices for work-related functions. However, devices running on Android are said less secured because it is too open. It can give that flexibility to be controlled how users want to, but bad guys can gain access to that openness, too. What you can do is to use an MDM a mobile device management, which can isolate any infected devices. Do you want to know more about the story? Check out the source.

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Working Around The Android For Beginners

Good JobIf you’re a beginner to Android, then you may want to check out some tips and tricks to use. As you know, Android keeps on changing from time to time with new software versions.  First thing, you need to arrange your Google accounts on Google Maps, YouTube and Google+. About your contacts, it may not be worth your effort to move your old SIM contacts, but you just may have to use software for importing them from the old phone to the PC. You should also master all the transfer tools by using cloud-based systems. Understand your Android device better so you can maximize your experience. Check out more tips from the source.

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