How to Keep Keyloggers Out

Remember that when a malware activated a webcam even without turning the lights on, you may be in trouble. It can log keystrokes without your knowledge and infect your computer, too. According to experts, this move has been used by authorities when digging into serious crimes like terrorism. So, how can you stop keystroke logging and webcam activation?

  1. Choose software that can log keystrokes. As of now, only the Norman Antivirus app has been able to detect a keylogger.
  2. Use anti-keylogging tool. Try to disrupt keyloggers by using tools like KeyScrambler.
  3. Beware of phishing! Don’t open a malicious executable file from a non-trusted source. Keep your system tools updated.

These are only some tips to get started in avoiding fraud and phishing attempts. Read the full story.

Source: Information Week

Why Update Your Software

tool2Do you really need to update your software? One of the main reasons for it is to avoid threats, which are common for older software. Update your software to lessen your risk of being a victim of these threats due to the holes present in your old software. This way you can also protect your business as well as your clients. In addition, you can make sure that you will be able to protect any research documentations of your future projects. Moreover, you can prevent any virus attack when you use updated software. Check out more from the source.

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How To Deal With Data Recovery

compupter6When it comes to data recovery, everybody recognizes the importance of backing up needed information, however, many may have missed on the software keys and distributions: Did you keep them in a safe place that you can easily access in times you needed to reinstall the software? What you need to do is to organize and protect all your software assets. You should also include license keys and ownership certificates as well as instructions for installation. Make a software inventory including where your tools are located. You should also have the license information together with their expiration dates. There you have some ways on how to protect your data in times of disasters. Check out more from the source.

Source: State Tech Magazine


Windows 8: How to Use

12-6-2012-1-55-52-AM1Windows 8 has a very different look, but how about a good user experience? To those who are unfamiliar of the workarounds. When you press Start + D on it, you will shoot your desktop surrounding in an instant anywhere you are. You can press again to clear all the windows and show the desktop again.  Then, press it again for the tiled windows to return. With Windows 8, you can also choose your new default music and videos. Definitely, there is more to know about this Windows version, and to check them out, you may proceed to the source.

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Using the Right Business Management Software: Does It Matter?

computer2Using the right business management software can help increase your business’ credibility and productivity. However, making the decision on which help and which ones drag your business down is what you should be concerned about.

One thing you can do is to determine which add real value to your business and which ones are becoming a detriment rather than a help. You may want to determine your business nature to help you in choosing the right software to use in effectively managing your finance reports, for instance.

When it comes to time management software, you may want to use TimeDoctor or RescueTime to keep track of your employees if you’re a small business that needs to monitor the time spent by your employees for particular task assignments. Check out the full version of this story from the source.

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SaaS for Software Cost Reduction

tool2Cost reduction is the theme in the recent software release of Vodacom. They aim to enable the corporate and business sectors to reduce their communication cost, a major key in their growth potential and market development. In connection, they have launched SaaS, Software as a Solution. It is an enterprise grade software, which aims at helping businesses of all sizes in Nigeria by helping them lower their cost in maintaining and running communication software. Check out more about this story from Business Day Online.

Source: Business Day Online

Google Leading for Enterprise Grade Software Firms

ChromeGoogle once more has proven its ability to lead the technology industry, when it swept the board with six trophies in the recently concluded 2013 V3 Technology Awards. It saw itself as an established business grade vendor, as it won awards that include the best enterprise software firm of the year and the best business application. The marketing group in Ireland and UK marketing said that they’re very happy in particular to receive the enterprise software firm of 2013. Finally, their efforts of pushing Google to be business friendly have been rewarded. Check out the full version of the story from the source.

Source: V3

What Affects Software Assurance?

tool2Software is said to the lifeblood of every enterprise there exist. It’s also busy in soaking into every aspect of business, including the products or services we use. However, building software demands all the same development tasks. If you’re not working on software security, then you may be falling behind.

Then, there is feed unification—information to knowledge. Obviously, an overload of information is obvious as a side effect of PC security. Learning of such trends in technology can pose a big impact in your business, so take all of these trends to your heart and be ready to adjust yours to keep up. Learn more about the story from the source.

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Customer Credentials Found in a Netherland Server

computer2Security authorities have revealed that there are about two million passwords stolen on websites that include Yahoo, Google, Facebook and Twitter, among others. Researchers using the Trustwave’s SpiderLabs revealed that they have uncovered a vast amount of credentials while they were doing an investigation in a server in the Netherlands.

They found what cyber hackers and criminals use to gain control of compromised computer networks, called as Pony Botnet. They told that they found customer credentials to more than 90,000 internet service providers and websites. Want to read the complete version of the story? Check out the source.

Source: The Himalayan Times

Tech Predictions 2014

tool2Are you tech ready for 2014? Some of them include Microsoft taking the lead back and Smartphones will be cheaper than usual. The coming year, experts also said that it would be the period of encryption.

In addition, Siri will move into Silos through spreading out into a bigger scope in terms of developing Siri-like products. Then, visualization will go mainstream because there will be bigger demand for data visualization. Read the full version of this story from the source.

Source: The Daily Beast