How Small Businesses Benefit from Using Software

tool2Small businesses have helped create about 64% of net new jobs in the United States alone, between the periods of 1993-2011. Sometimes, they are considered as the backbone of today’s economy, as they represent a big chunk in the finance aspect of the country. They also are the ones that use the competitive advantage of using technology.

One way they do that is by using cloud technology, which has become accessible and affordable. Business owners are now tech savvy on how they connect to their customers and using innovative practices in managing their back offices. Now, they have also learned how to balance their budget and keep their accounts in running their payroll, paying taxes and managing every single aspect of their enterprise. Read more about this story.

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Apple and Beta

appleDigital consumers love the convenience of online distribution of applications using the App Stores. They also enjoy the fact that OS is free because the price of upgrades soon will be included in the cost of the hardware. On the other hand, modern consumers also want to transform their expectations as to what they should be getting. Today, it’s not all about finished products but it’s about how good these products are and what can make them better in the future releases of the same.

While customers take advantage of the convenience, developers gain their flexibility through improving their basic products. Therefore, users can expect for regular software updates for all the latest features each one is looking for and that at the same time getting improved security and stability.

One example is Apple that keeps on making improvements on all of its software products, and they keep on listening to consumers by addressing their concerns through upgrades. Read the full story at Computer World.

Source: Computer World

Improving Patient Services Using Hospital Management Software

tool2Fourteen eye hospitals use hospital management software in Nepal in order to record their patients’ data. The collaboration of Ministry of Health and Population and Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh had a two-day workshop held in November 22-23 to upgrade the tool and at the same time to work on effective plans to provide quality healthcare services. The main mission of the workshop is to see how the software helps eye hospitals and how that can improve patient services. This software is said to be helpful in the collection of level data and discovering the types of hospital services. Read the full story.

Source: The Himalayan Times

Bitdefender Antivirus Goes Mobile

Undoubtedly, mobile application usage increases in the recent months but that does not mean all good. If you want to remain safe and secured when browsing online, you may want to use an application that can offer you total security—Bitdefender Antivirus. When it comes to functionality, ease of use and security level, nothing beats this world renown company—Bitdefender. Now it comes with the latest anti-malware application that can protect your device from any outside, infectious threats. Use its built-in scanning function that allows you to run it simply to check for any unnoticed threats on your device.

Source: Android Authority

Audials Gen 11 Launched

Presenting the Audials newest Generation 11…This new gen features that newest streaming functions and Music Universe. Gen 11 is said to be a better than ever application that has the finest Music Universe feature that will enhance user experience further. Audials, known as one of the best tools around when it comes to getting free and legal entertainment media, is offering real satisfying and high-rating products years. The software company suits all user level, beginning to advanced, as it offers a wide array of solution in obtaining and handling media files that include movie, music and video files, without any glitch at all. Read the full version of this PR.

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Good Snagging Tools For All Levels

tool2Creating, sharing and snapping screen captures are amazing, as they can become an invaluable asset in terms of improving the visuals of any content (presentation, report and so much more).  These can be made easier by top snagging tools everyone can download on their PC. Some top screen-capturing software: Snagit, Screenpresso, Screenshot Captor and Jing. Based from your snagging level, you can choose from any of these, as they are equally functional, powerful and versatile. Read more about the PC World story.

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Could GammaFix Protect You From Radiation?

tool2Everyday items such as cell phones, TVs and other devices emit radiation that can harm your health but an application can address that problem. GammaFix is a tool you can use on your Smartphone camera to scan any area for the presence of gamma radiation. This new project was done in collaboration with the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. It has been used in some military exercises. To sum up, it can be used as a detector of ionizing radiation.

Source: Economic Times

India’s GDP Will Increase By $739B If Users Buy Licensed Software

India’s GDP can be increased by about $739 billion through using licensed software said the Global Intellectual Property Centre. The organization says that if software piracy can be stopped, the country’s GDP will eventually increase. It’s because that some of the best software developers are in the country so if more people will use licensed software, the country’s economy will really develop. Read more from the source.

Source: Economic Times

Bitdefender Launches Tech Assist

Good JobKnown as the top security software around the world, Bitdefender has launched this new Tech Assist  service to help users solve their computer problems in real time with the help of elite IT engineers. The new Tech Assist is now available for Windows. It can exterminate tunes up and viruses and can help in repairing or optimizing a PC in the easiest way as possible.
Read more about this latest news today!

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MHealth for Health in Transit

Good JobThe mHealth application that is a much broader app used in Smartphones and includes information from hospitals about patient discharge, remote patient monitoring and other features have three categories that include clinical, health and medical data.

If the mobile app will do something that a medical device usually does, it can be controlled like it but if the app does not become a substitute for a medical device, it will not. Check out more updates about this software development for the health industry.

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