KitKat Mobile Updates

tool2Android users are crazy of the Kit Kat 4.4 that should come with the Nexus 5, which is the latest handset from the maker and the 2nd ever product produced by LG. The company, Nestle said in a statement “Android 4.4 KitKat is available from October.” Reviewers said that KitKat has a good looking UI. Check out more of this story on Know Your Mobile.

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When Antivirus Software Fails

What would you do if your antivirus application had failed to do its job? Recently, there were studies that some antivirus software on the market is not effective in fighting malware and other attacks. Every month or so, there are virus outbreaks online! One source, Gartner, says that people spend for antivirus tools to be less secured. One repair store in California, ClickAway, claims that they repair at least 60 computers daily and that about two-thirds of which have antivirus software installed. Read more about this story from Tri Live.

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Samsung Smart TV Software Update

compupter6Samsung keeps pushing its Smart TV interface. It offers consumers with the chance to access video streaming such as Hulu Plus, Netflix and HBO Go. Now, Samsung is up to its Smart Media Player that is more like a Roku or Apple TV. Just like other giants, Samsung also struggles with Smart TVs. Nonetheless, you may want to check out the new product yourself to discover. Continue reading the story at The Verge.

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Moto X Handset Updates

The Moto X handset is said to have a deficiency within its arsenal that is inconsistent pictures. But now, there’s a software update that already out in the market for its improvement. All AT&T subscribers will this software update to address and improve the camera performance on each handset. The first ones to get this software update are customers of T-Mobile and Sprint. Aside from the camera improvement, the software also includes an enhanced transfer process using the Motorola Migrate, an easy set up process or Ok Google Now button, and a fine tuned lost phone feature.

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Software Infringes Rights of Women to Abort?

10-26-2012-9-18-19-PMAccording to activists and experts, Kolhapur’s model of the Silent Observer or SIOB software idea for curbing sex determination and selection has an unsatisfactory side effect for a women’s right for a safe abortion. What’s worse is that doctors have denied abortions due to the need of permissions and extensive paper works to perform the procedure. Back in 2011, Kolhapur’s District Administration made it compulsory that all sonography clinic in the area should install Pune’s software throughout the district. SIOB is attached to an ultrasound machine with the use of cables to grab videos.

Source: Times of India


Andreessen Horowitz Remains Optimistic on Hardware Startups

users1Andreessen Horowitz is optimistic with the latest resurrection of hardware startups, yet he is still cautious about the sector. He said that a hardware company is harder to scale and build than a software company. He also indicated that there’s a much bigger chance that hardware may blow up on in such a non-recoverable passion.

He said that he even argued about the topic that hardware was the new software with Chris Dixon. He clearly indicated that it’s labeled as hardware for some reason. He even advices the younger ones looking to build a drone company to partner with a veteran.

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PSIA 30% Growth Expected

Good JobAs the Philippine Software Industry Association or PSIA is most certain to deliver a 30% growth in its earnings this year, major companies continues to work hard towards a sustained advancement of all software production and intellectual properties. PSIA believes that the industry could see a profit of about $1.5 billion in this year’s trading compared to $1.16 billion from last year. Along with these, they even predict that the number of information technology experts and software engineers would also grow from 60,000 to 80,000.

The president of PSIA, Joey Gurango said that homegrown technology entrepreneurs will continue to make their way in the industry. Want more about this news?

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FireEye Update

compupter6As FireEye’s popularity continues to grow, its stock price in Wall Street is also increasing. Everyone seems to want a piece of the Silicon Valley software. Figures show that FireEye’s stock market price closed at $36 with an increase of about 80%. CEO Dave DeWalt told phone interviewers from his Nasdaq office in New York that the demand was so incredible.

Security software is truly a hot item in the tech industry during past year. Cisco took over Maryland security and Silicon Valley acquired Palo Alto Networks which have ballooned from its valuation after it arrived from the public market. For more information about this news, go to CIO.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Utilizes Benchmark Boosting Software to Inflate Scores

tool2After Samsung Galaxy S4 is released in the market and inflated benchmark scores, some critics were not much impressed with its software. Although it was able to hit all cylinders that makes the device hit a frequency outside of what was available to the end user, it was not really deceptive and a little misleading. With this, a few changes were made in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 utilizes Snapdragon 800SoC, but it scores abnormally high compared to other mobile devices with the same processor. It was revealed that there is some line of code that makes the Note 3 to operate in a high power CPU mode once the benchmarking app is opened.

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Adobe Security Got Breached Plus Information of 2.9 Million Customers Hacked

Adobe admitted early this month that hackers had gained access to their computer system and up to 2.9 million customers had their personal data and credit card information accessed. Even the encrypted passwords of the users had been obtained. The source code used in some of the Adobe products had also been accessed by the hackers.

One of these stolen source codes was the ColdFusion. Adobe said that this code is used by the United States Senate and used by up to 75 out of the Fortune 100 companies.  There are about 10,000 companies or more are also using  the code all over the world.

Concerns regarding this situation were raised especially when copies of the stolen source codes were discovered in a server. An independent journalist named Brian Krebs has been investigating this hacking incident when he has found the source codes of the stolen Adobe. These codes are believed to be the same ones used not just in the Adobe security breach but also in hacking incidences in other database.

In regards to the incident, Adobe is now part of the list of prominent organizations that had security systems breached this year. Some of the companies that were hacked this year include the Kroll Background America, Lexis-Nexis and Dun & Bradstreet and The National White Collar Crime Center.

Are Precautionary Measures Taken by Adobe?

Despite the security breach, Adobe clarified and emphasized that there are no indications that unencrypted customer credit card numbers were accessed. Adobe expressed that there were no signs of any specific risks to their consumers; However, as a precaution, the company has started to notify  the respective credit card companies.

As for consumers, the company advises them to prevent unauthorized access of their accounts. They can accomplish this by resetting their passwords or by getting in touch with their banks in case they notice any unusual charges.  Investigations regarding this incident are ongoing.

Source: NY Times