Bitdefender: IObit PC security and optimization solution

Bitdefender®, an award-winning provider of innovative internet security solutions, today announced the beginning of its new technology partnership for a successful integration of the #1 ranked Bitdefender antivirus technology into IObit’s Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus 2012.

The Bitdefender Antivirus Software Development Kit (AV SDK) ensures a smooth integration of the two into a software application that offers an unrivaled detection rate and maximum protection.

“We evaluated several other vendors and our development team was impressed with Bitdefender’s detection rates and its SDK’s ease of integration. We believe that combining top antivirus technology within Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus increases the value of our product,” said Kevin Zhou, Marketing Director for IObit.


Watchup App Is the Latest Flipboard for Video Content

Watchup is a new app that helps people find out what’s up in video news. Available on the Apple iPad, the service aggregates video content from several media outlets and YouTube channels to broadcast news on a centralized hub.

Watchup feels like a combination of Hulu and Flipboard. Users tailor personalized newscasts with video from various news outlets such as CNN or ABC.

The app pulls up the latest videos from each source. A one-touch feature adds selected videos to a queue. The app keeps tracks of the total playlist duration as well. Once users finish creating the playlist, they simply sit back and watch their video reel.

Source: Mashable

Microsoft Office 365 for K-12

Microsoft will launch on Wednesday a version of its Office 365 cloud collaboration and communication suite that is specifically aimed at K-12 schools and universities.

Office 365 for Education replaces Live@edu, which will remain available for 18 more months to give its customers — about 10,000 educational institutions with about 22 million students in about 130 countries — a window for planning and carrying out the migration.

Office 365 for Education comes in a variety of packages. The free, standard one, called A2, includes Exchange Online, Lync Online, SharePoint Online and Office Web Apps.

Source: CW

Major Flaw Discovered with MacBook Pro Retina Display

After displaying high-contrast images, the retina display on some new MacBook Pro units retains a ghost image for a few minutes, which Apple forum users describe as a “temporary burn-in.”

The flaw seems to stem from a batch of faulty IPS panels used in the Retina display MacBook Pro.

A lengthy thread over at Apple Support Communities with about 10,000 views racked up since June 16th reveals that Apple has a problem on its hands. The all-new MacBook Pro has some display issues.

The problem may not be widespread, but numerous customers are reporting the same exact issue – Retina display burn-in.

Source: Softpedia

Camtasia for Mac Launches Version 2.2

You might be thinking, Camtasia  is only for windows, well think again. Camtasia for Mac is the best screen recording and editing solution on the Mac platform.

This awesome screen recording and video editing software solution on the Mac just got an upgrade with an A+ for interactivity.  This article shows you some features you get with the latest Mac Version 2.2.

It is specifically designed to give the not-so-video-savvy people the ability to create engaging, professional videos off the computer screen.

It’s new version for Mac offers  easy to use features along with new options to add interactivity and improve the viewing experience including:

  1. Video hotspot capabilities that let users embed hyperlinks within any video, moving viewers directly into a call to action.
  2. The Smart Player which delivers an optimized, interactive experience on nearly any device with one output.  Formatting with the Smart Player also ensures viewers can see and use interactive hotspot links, table of contents and video search on all devices they use.
  3. The addition of table of contents functionality for videos uploaded to YouTube for easy navigation.
  4. Spotlight and mask effects that draw viewers’ attention on specific video content in Mac videos is a critical component to enhance comprehension.

It is a good idea that old users upgrade to Camtasia version 2.2. Powerful  yet simple.  Fast and highly efficient, that’s Camtasia  for Mac 2.2.

Source: SoftwareCasa

Camtasia Studio 8 Launches New Multi Track Editor

The new Camtasia Studio 8 was announced on Tuesday. It’s the most impressive, powerful, yet easy-to-use editing tools, the New Multi Track Editor.

Once you’re done recording your screen or importing existing video, it’s time to unleash your creativity by adding some polish to it.

With the new multi track editor, you can now add as many tracks as you want, and that’s not all, you can now have freedom to do anything that you want on those tracks– construct more engaging videos faster with multiple video and audio tracks.

The new Camtasia Studio 8 has the ability to easily manipulate, overlay, and group objects to help you produce professional-looking videos while unleashing your creativity. It lets you quickly arrange video, audio, images, callouts, animated content, and much, much more on an unlimited number of tracks.

Camtasia Studio 8 really revamped the performance and engine for editing video content.

With the latest Camtasia Studio 8.0’s new multi track editor, you can now have the ability to create high-quality audio and graphics and create the type of media that you want, anytime you need it.

Camtasia Studio 8 is fully compatible with any device and with any browser you’re using; So it all just works!

Read More/Check out Camtasia Studio 8

If you are already a Camtasia owner – Upgrade to Camtasia 8

iWork automatic syncing via Documents in the Cloud

At Monday’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote, Apple vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi revealed a new feature of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion: iWork automatic syncing via Documents in the Cloud.

If you’ve ever tried to share an iWork file between Macs and iOS devices via iCloud, you know that it doesn’t work very well.

The essential problem, iWork documents on the two platforms use different file formats. This means that when you edit an iWork document on one platform (an iPhone, for example), the matching document on the other platform (a Mac, in this example) is not automatically updated to reflect the change. There is no true syncing of iWork documents between platforms.

In Mountain Lion, you will be able to live update an iWork document across platforms. That is, not only will there be automatic syncing of files, but the syncing can take place even if the same file is simultaneously open on more than one device.

Source: PCW

Mountain Lion’s Undisclosed Features

Here are a few features Apple breezed by at Monday’s Worldwide Developers’ Conference keynote.

1. Offline Reading List -Reading List, which debuted in Lion (OS X 10.6), is a Safari feature that lets you save Web bookmarks for reading later—your Reading List syncs between your Macs and iOS devices using iCloud.

2. File-management improvements– You can rename documents from the title bar. That is, the venerable title bar in the new OS does double duty as a menu of its own. Click on the title bar of a document, and you can choose options like renaming the file, duplicating it, or moving it to iCloud.

3. Mac App Store improvements– As with iOS, apps you purchase on one Mac will automatically be pushed to any other Macs linked to the same Mac App Store account. OS X updates will move to the Mac App Store in Mountain Lion, as well—Software Update will soon become but a memory.

4. Mac App Store improvements– A sidebar in Calendar (née iCal); VIP contacts in Mail; iOS-style location-based reminders (and a full Geofencing API for third-party developers); search in Launchpad and Dashboard; Mail preferences syncing via iCloud; Do Not Track and password autofill in Safari; a new iCloud-syncing Notes app with note folders; a Photo Stream screen saver; the ability to run a full-screen app on any connected monitor; encrypted backups; backups onto multiple drives; and drag-and-drop file transfers in Screen Sharing.

Source: PCWorld

5 Things Microsoft Doesn’t Want You to Know

1. If You’re Not Moving to the Cloud, You’re Not Getting a First-Class Release Experience. Large product releases, such as the next version of SharePoint, will be cloud-first and premises-second. At the other end of the spectrum is the cloud-based Office 365.

2. Microsoft Wishes It Were a Consumer-Centric Business. Consider the brouhaha around Windows RT. More popularly known as Windows on ARM, or WoA, Windows RT is the company’s attempt to have its client Windows system on system-on-a-chip devices such as tablets.

3. Windows is Driving Many Decisions Across Microsoft-and Not Just With the OS. Visual Studio Express, which historically has been able to create most applications-albeit without the bells, whistles and accoutrements that beefed-up Visual Studio versions have had- was going to be restricted to developing only Metro-style apps for Windows 8, Windows RT (the tablet) and, presumably, Windows Phone 7.5 and whatever the next version will be called.

4. Windows 7 Is a Solid, Compelling Upgrade Over Windows XP. Windows XP support and security updates are drying up very soon. Going from Windows XP to Windows 8 is not recommended. Many enterprises, knowing where they are in the Microsoft published support lifecycle, have Windows 7 hardware and software refresh programs underway.

5. Microsoft’s Roadmap Is Fuzzy. Even if the company had a solid vision going forward, you wouldn’t get to see it. This very clear move to mimic Apple aims to do two things- drive consumer product demand and keep Microsoft’s moves very secret, thereby building a monumental buzz when the products are unleash onto the world all at once. The end result is an almost-total reduction in the amount of disclosure Microsoft makes to its customers about products and services in its pipeline.

Source: InfoWorld

Apple: Adapt to Cloud Computing Era or Face Extinction

Former Apple chief urges firms to adapt to cloud computing era or face extinction.

Businesses must adapt to the huge growth of cloud computing services in order to ensure they do not fall by the wayside, according to the former chief executive of Apple, John Sculley.

Speaking at the Cloud Computing World Forum in London, Sculley, who oversaw Apple for 10 years between 1983 and 1993, said the huge growth of cloud computing is causing technological innovations on an exponential scale, far beyond the predictable Moore’s law of innovations.

“Businesses have to adapt to changing environments in order to survive. There are many examples of corporations that were great in one era but not in another. Kodak was a great firm in one era, but now it’s bankrupt,” he said.

“In large corporations it’s very easy to sit on what you have and preserve it but the opportunities now are all about disruption, about taking advantage of the huge growth opportunity that cloud computing technology offers.”