Snagit 11.0 Released

SnagitYour #1 Screen Capturing Software has now gotten even better. With the latest release of Snagit 11.0, capturing video is now as easy as 1-2-3!

Video consumption has reached near-incendiary levels with YouTube receiving 2 billion video views every day, so obviously video appeals,” said Tifanny Wood.

In fact, video traffic is predicted to increase from 30 percent to 90 percent of all Internet traffic by 2013 — that’s a pretty compelling reason for anyone to get more comfortable with making and sharing video, whether they’re looking to become the next YouTube phenomenon or teach a classroom of college students.

So, as a result of its users’ demand, Techsmith is now delivering an easy-to-use video functionality that will help our users communicate more effectively, while saving valuable time.

What’s new with Snagit 11.0?

Video Capture – Using MPEG-4 video format you can now create screen videos for demos or quick reviews, and share them instantly to YouTube, Facebook, and more!

New Stamps – Catch the new and improved stamps which you can get straight from Snagit.

Spell Check – No need to worry of misspelling a word in your screenshot again.

New Video Outputs – When you’re ready to share your Snagit video, you can choose from Camtasia Studio for editing,, YouTube, FTP, Facebook, or Twitter.

New Image Outputs – Share your images with anyone! Choose from the usual lot, plus the new additions of Facebook, Twitter, and Evernote.

And Many More…

Read more of Snagit 11.0 Software here!

Everything you love from previous versions plus an easy video capture wil not give you any excuse not to try this latest Snagit version.


Windows 8 is Being Re-packed into SIX Versions

Windows 8 is being re-packaged into six versions in a move that looks like it might kill off four editions of the desktop client currently sold.

According to documents posted on PC-partner Hewlett-Packard’s website, Windows 8 will come as a Windows 8 32- and 64-bit Edition, and an Enterprise and Professional Edition – both in 32-and 64-bit flavors.

Although, some of these documents are unclear, whether these are all the SKUs Microsoft has planned for the forthcoming Windows 8 or whether these are just the versions of Windows 8 that will be available on machines sold by HP.

Source: The Register – Software

Apple Filed a Suit Against Samsung Phones

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is now facing a suit files by Apple Inc in San Jose. They asked a federal court in California to block Samsung  from selling its new Galaxy Nexus smartphones, alleging patent violations.

Apple said the Galaxy Nexus infringes on patents underlying features customers expect from its products. Those include the ability to unlock phones by sliding an image and to search for information by voice.

Samsung spokespersons did not immediately return requests for comment.

With the new suit, Apple is opening up another legal assault on the Korea-based company after taking Samsung to the same court in April of last year. In the earlier case, Apple alleges that Samsung illegally copied iPhone and iPad design features and the look of its screen icons. [nN18125665] That case is still going on, though in December Apple lost a bid for a preliminary bar against Samsung for selling Galaxy phones and tablets.

Source: Yahoo News!

Googorola Over Android

According to Channel EMEA, “I think that Android may end up as a closed system because of [Google’s] relationship with Motorola,” Whitman said in her keynote presentation at HP’s company’s global partner summit in Las Vegas.

I think there is room for another operating system,” she said. “iOS is great but it is a closed system.” Android is currently open – as long as you’re not relying on getting all the info about the latest and greatest versions under development – but Whitman suggests that developers not bank on it remaining so.

“These things take time, she believes. “We decided to contribute webOS to the open source community,” she said, “and this will take three to four years to play out.”

Source: The Register

Mac Wants To Be More Like The iPhone

Apple CEO Tim Cook is now aiming for the opposite – he wants the Mac to be more like the iPhone, not the other way around. A new version of Mac OS X was unveiled (in fact, the company is dropping the whole ‘Mac’ moniker and going with just OS X) codenamed ‘Mountain Lion.’

This next generation operating system, released to developers as a beta version, demonstrates further alignment between the smartphone and desktop world. In the article, Tim Cook is quoted as saying “We see that people are in love with a lot of apps and functionality here … Anywhere where that makes sense, we are going to move that over to Mac.”

Apps seem to be the, erm, killer app here, that’s for sure, and it’s clear that Apple is thinking of a future where the Mac computer OS X and the iPhone’s iOS coexist far more intimately. While all kinds of devices will continue to be manufactured, and probably maintain their unique characteristics, we’ll see far more similarities in the software look, feel and apps they run.

Source: Yahoo News

It’s Over for Sony and Ericsson

Sony and Ericsson are now officially divorced. The divorce papers have been officially signed for Sony Ericsson, giving Japanese entertainment biz Sony its very own phone-making unit and Swedish company Ericsson some lovely cash.

Sony will rename Sony Ericsson “Sony Mobile Communications”, and further integrate the mobile phone business as a vital element of its electronics business, with the aim of accelerating convergence between Sony’s lineup of network enabled consumer electronics products, including smart phones, tablets, TVs and PCs.

“We will now enhance our focus on enabling connectivity for all devices, using our R&D and industry leading patent portfolio to realise a truly connected world,” Hans Vestberg, president and CEO, said at the time.

Source: The Register – Software

LibreOffice v.3.5 Coming Soon

The Document Foundation (TDF) has announced the release of LibreOffice 3.5, which it modestly describes as “the best free office suite ever.”

We inherited a 15 years old code base, where features were not implemented and bugs were not solved in order to avoid creating problems, and this – with time – was the origin of a large technical debt,” says Caolán McNamara, a senior Red Hat developer who is one of TDF’s founders and directors.

“We had two options: a conservative strategy, which would immediately please all users, leaving the code basically unchanged, and our more aggressive feature development and code renovation path, which has created some stability problems in the short term but is rapidly leading to a completely new and substantially improved free office suite: LibreOffice 3.5, the best free office suite ever.”

Source: The Register – Software

Soon to be Released – MS System Center 2012

Microsoft System Center 2012 is a comprehensive solution built to manage today’s increasingly virtualized datacenters as well as emerging private and public cloud environments and will  be released in the first half of 2012, aiming for the “Microsoft Management Summit” that will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada in April 2012.

System Center 2012 is offered in two editions: Standard and Datacenter. Both editions include the full set of System Center server management capabilities and are only differentiated by virtualization rights.

System Center 2012 captures and aggregates knowledge about systems, policies, processes and best practices so that you can optimize your infrastructure to reduce costs, improve application availability and enhance service delivery.

Source: SND Latest News


Microsoft Bets on Office 15 and IE10

Steve Ballmer wasn’t kidding when he said Windows 8 could be Microsoft’s “riskiest product bet.”

With two-and-a-half weeks to go until Microsoft delivers the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, time has run out on holding back and Microsoft is now telling Windows devs just what they’re in for with the next version of its PC client.

We’re looking at an operating system that fundamentally changes the way apps will be written for, and delivered to, versions of Windows.

Source: The Register – Software

Google Offering to Pay Web Users to Track Their Every Move

Less than a month after announcing a controversial new privacy policy that shares user data across all its sites with no opt-out option, Google is introducing a system to monitor all online activity of those who participate in a program called Screenwise.

In exchange for unrestricted access to information on your every online move, the search and software giant is offering financial compensation.

By signing up for Screenwise and installing a browser plugin (only Google Chrome is supported at present), you’ll be given $5 in store credit on Amazon.

For every three months you continue to provide Google with browsing data, you’ll earn an addition $5 gift card, up to a total of $25. Only those over 13 can participate and, perhaps not surprisingly, signups are currently on hold due to overwhelming interest.

Source: Yahoo News!