Windows 8 Next Year

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft Cheif announced yesterday that Windows 8 will be released next year.

Analytics already speculated that Win8 will be released next year, but now it’s official. It’s also the first time Microsoft officially names the new OS for Windows 8.

Mr. Ballmer didn’t release any technical news around Windows 8 yesterday, but based on leaked test versions the operating system will have a new user interface and also be able to run on mobile platforms with arm-processors.

I will personally hold off buying my long awaited new computer until Windows 8 is in place.

Peter Gillberg


7% of Software Downloads Malicious

Microsoft has issued a warning that hackers use mind tricks more often than software skills to get viruses into computers.

Feedback from Internet Explorer Web browser indicates that 7% of downloaded software turned out to be malicious code, according to Microsoft.

“Social-engineering attacks, like tricking a user into running a malicious program, are far more common than attacks on security vulnerabilities,” Micrsoft SmartScreen program manager Jeb Haber said in a blog post.

“User-downloaded malware is a huge problem and getting bigger,” Haber said.

I recommend that you always know the download source or that you buy your software from a known online software store.

Source: Yahoo! News: Software News

SAP Hit With US$345 Million Verdict in Patent Case (PC World)

The purpose of isn’t really to follow “Software Industry News” but rather “Software News”, but the amount of this penalty was just too big to ignore.

A federal jury has ordered SAP to pay Versata Software damages of US$345 million in connection with a patent infringement lawsuit.

The jury’s verdict was rendered on Friday in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. It awarded Versata $260 million for lost profits and $85 million for “reasonable royalties,” finding that SAP’s software infringed on a patent held by Versata for pricing technology, according to a statement.

“Our patented technology enables Versata customers to deploy best-in-class solutions that competitors simply cannot match,” Versata Chief Operating Officer Chris Smith said in a statement. “We cherish and defend the mutually successful, multi-decade relationships resulting from our innovation investment.”

I can only say OUCH, that’s gotto hurt.

Source: Yahoo! News: Software News

PowerDVD 11.0 Released

NEW: PowerDVD 11.0 Out Now!
NEW: PowerDVD 11.0 Out Now!

PowerDVD version 11 has just been released!

Play any media format from any device at home or on social networks, at enhanced HD and 3D quality. It is the Player for all your media on PC, device, Home and social Cloud!

Instant Seek for fast search of movie scenes you want to watch on a DVD disc.  PowerDVD11 Cinema Mode now also features an entirely 3D user interface for your 3D titles so that you can immerse yourself in the 3D experience from start to finish!

  • Play any  HD & 3D media – Blu-ray Movies, video, music, and photos
  • Play media from anywhere – PCs, smart devices, home/social cloud
  • Play in upscaled quality – Videos, YouTube, photos and music
  • Play social media – Your hub for YouTube, Facebook and Flickr
  • Play PowerDVD from your iPhone, iPad and Android Devices –

PowerDVD 11’s new photo feature is so much more than just a viewer.  It features animated photo slideshows – PowerDVD 11.0 will put both 2D and 3D productions together for you at the click of a button.

Apple World’s Most Valuable Brand

Apple is now the world’s most valuable brand, knocking Google off the top spot and into second place on the BrandZ Top 100 2011 ranking of the most valuable global brands.

The value of the iPhone and iPad maker’s brand surged 84 per cent since last year’s list, racking up a total brand value of $153.3bn, according to market research company and list compilers Millward Brown, a subsidiary of advertising and marketing giant WPP. Apple’s decision to launch the iPad is credited with helping to propel its brand to the top of the list.

“At the start of last year, few people fretted that their lives felt bereft of a digital gadget smaller than their laptop but larger than their mobile phone. By the end of 2010, however, about 18 million of us owned iPads or other tablets,” the report notes.


Top Five Priorities For Software Marketing On A Budget

Marketing your software in a manner which is cost effective as well as high impact can be difficult. Thousands of firms attempt to get the balance right but it can be difficult to avoid spiraling costs unless you are fairly disciplined and prepared to extract value in some relatively inventive ways. Here are five tips which can help you with software marketing where budgetary concerns are at the top of the agenda.

1. First you need to create an identity for your software which is not only relevant but also memorable. The best way to do this is with a tagline, because not only will this stick in the minds of your target audience but it will also cost you nothing to produce if you do it under your own steam. Building a visual package to promote your product can be expensive, but a concise, clever phrase to go with it can be just as effective and virtually free.

2. Try uploading your software to popular download sites which exist in abundance online and have reputations for helping to grow fledgling software products into major movers and shakers. Creating a trial version or a limited `free` version of your software which users can share and rate on a highly visible download site is a great idea and will also help forward visitors to your company site where the potential for making sales is much higher.

3. Do not be afraid to market your product on a highly targeted scale, whether that means seeking out local events and preparing presentations or heading to larger events and getting your name out there in a crowd of potential clients. The biggest trade shows can be expensive to visit if you are planning a full blown booth but if you focus your attention on making yourself known to the relevant groups then you can slash costs and still generate interest.

4. Do not be afraid of joining forces with other firms who might be able to start a mutually beneficial partnership with you ahead of the launch of your software. Obviously your direct rivals will be out of the question, but you can tap into an entirely new audience if you hook up with the right partners and get your name on sites, perhaps exchanging reciprocal promotion rather than handing over cash for the privilege.

5. Always make sure that your presentation is top notch and remember that overly busy sites with potentially confusing interfaces are always going to be less appealing than simple, straightforward layouts when marketing your software. Consider adapting your site for both desktop computers and mobile devices so that those who browse on different platforms will be just as capable of discovering your products.

Mac Users Beware MacDefender

Fake anti-virus software is an old breed of malware that’s finally found a new trick: Attacking Macs.

Intego has discovered a fake antivirus program called MAC Defender, which targets Mac users via SEO poisoning attacks (web sites set up to take advantage of search engine optimization tricks to get malicious sites to appear at the top of search results).

When a user clicks on certain links after performing a search on a search engine such as Google, they are sent to a web site that displays a fake Windows screen with an animated image showing a malware scan; a window then tells the user that their computer is infected.

After this, JavaScript on the page automatically downloads a file. The file downloaded is a compressed ZIP archive, which, if a specific option in a web browser is checked (“Open ‘safe’ files after downloading” in Safari, for example), will open.

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