Experts says Thumbs Up for Explorer 9

The new version of Microsofts web browser includes a lot of improvements. That’s the consensus of most people that has tried the product.

On Tuesday the public version was released. A lot of the problems that was present during beta releases has been fixed and the final product includes a lot of upgrades and a huge improvement in speed.

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Download Explorer here

Scary Software Launch

I have to tell you something, but I don’t have much time…

Something strange has happened here. I started experimenting with Snagit and I discovered something. Something horrifying I cannot fully comprehend or even begin to explain. And I am afraid my time is running out.

I will try to get more information to you shortly, but I think they are watching me…

I am scared, very scared.

I warned you but look for yourself if you dare…

Adobe Rolls Out Digital Publishing Suite for Tablets

NewsFactor – Adobe Systems has begun shipping the Enterprise Edition of its Digital Publishing Suite. The software helps publishers create and optimize digital magazines, newspapers and other publications on web tablets. The goal is to enable large publishers to monetize their content on a subscription basis through the Apple App Store and Google’s One Pass service for magazine and newspaper publishers.

Source: Yahoo! News: Software News