Happy Birthday Windows 25 Years

Today it’s 25 years since the first version of Windows was launched.

Windows 1.0 was launched November 20th 1985, one year after apple released the first graphic operating system. Win 1.0 worked as a simple shell on top of dos 2.0.

windows 1.0

In the first Windows you couldn’t put windows on top of each other but instead had to move them around like a jigsaw puzzle.

In November 1987 Windows 2.0 was launched where Microsoft fixed this issue and could now use overlapping windows.

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Investors In Love With Salesforce

AP – SALESFORCE FERVOR: Wall Street has fallen in love with Salesforce.com Inc. as a concept known as “cloud computing” has taken off. The term refers to subscribing to software programs hosted over Internet connections instead of installed on individual machines. Salesforce has been building its business around clouding computing for 11 years.

Source: Yahoo! News: Software News