Explorer 9 Beta Out Now

IE9 Beta Out Now

Today Microsoft release the new Explorer version 9 for beta testing.

As far as I have been able to find out the new browser will only work on Vista and Windows 7, not on Windows XP.

A few of the new features:

  • Support HTML5 video
  • New JavaScript engine
  • Higher speed browsing
  • Wider compliance with current internet standards

Read more and take the new IE9 for a testdrive here.

Book review: Hackers – 25th Anniversary Edition

Twenty-five years ago when the original Hackers was published, the term ‘hacker’ didn’t mean a cybercriminal, and the few who used it meant it as high praise.

When Hackers first came out in 1984, Steven Levy was documenting how thirty years of brilliant and eccentric geeks (who were more interested in bending technology to their will than in building businesses, or even in what computers can actually do) had somehow produced a personal computer revolution that was about to sweep into every home.

Source: News items | ZDNet

A Guide to Today’s Top 10 Linux Distributions

PC World – One of the most confusing things for the newcomer to Linux is how many distributions, or versions, of the operating system there are. Ubuntu is the one most people have heard of, but there are hundreds of others as well, each offering some variant on the basic Linux theme.

Source: Yahoo! News: Software News

Google TV Announced

Eric Schmidt about Google TV

Google gave a live demonstration of Google TV at Berlin’s IFA Tuesday, and CEO Eric Schmidt promised it would be a couch potato’s dream come true.

“Once you have Google television, you’re going to be very busy,” Schmidt said. “It’s going to ruin your evening.”

Google TV is the search giant’s bid to bring the web to the biggest screen in the house in a big way, something TV viewers and web surfers (often the same person) have tended to resist as distinctly different experiences. But as the internet becomes a more viable delivery system for the kind of content we associate with the Barcaloungers and TV sets, Google, Apple and others are trying to get a piece of that action as well.

Source: Wired

Digital River buys Journey Education Marketing

DR Buys JourneyEd

We stay away from Industry news in SoftwareHeadline, trying to focus more on the actual Software, the developer and software development headlines. But today I feel some industry news catched my eye.

AP – Digital River Inc. on Tuesday said that it has bought online software and book retailer Journey Education Marketing Inc. for an undisclosed amount.

Source: AP