Malicious Facebook Farm Town Ad Redirects to Fake Antivirus

PC World – A malicious advertisement has been found within an application for Facebook that redirects users to fake antivirus software, according to a security researcher.

The banner advertisement for greeting cards is intermittently displayed with an application called Farm Town, which has more than 9 million monthly users according to information published on Facebook.

If the bad Shockwave Flash advertisement is displayed, the user is redirected from Facebook through several domains and ends up on a Web site selling fake antivirus software, said Sandi Hardmeier, who studies malicious advertisements and blogged about the issue.(See also “How to Remove Fake AV Software.“)

Source: Yahoo! News: Software News

New Malware Overwrites Software Updaters

PC World – For the first time security researchers have spotted a type of malicious software that overwrites update functions for other applications, which could pose additional long-term risks for users.

The malware, which infects Windows computers, masks itself as an updater for Adobe Systems’ products and other software such as Java, wrote Nguyen Cong Cuong, an analyst with Bach Khoa Internetwork Security (BKIS), a Vietnamese security company, on its blog.

Source: Yahoo! News: Software News

Camtasia 7 Launched

Camtasia 7“It’s an amazing piece of software”.

I have only had a few minutes to play with Camtasia 7 so far. But I have to tell you, my first thought after installing it – it’s just an amazing piece of new software. I find it sleeker, more fluid and filled with lots of great new stuff.

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What’s New in Camtasia Studio 7

Camtasia Studio has always been more than a simple screen recorder.
Now, with Camtasia Studio 7, Techsmith has redesigned and rebuilt
it to help you generate sophisticated, effective screencasts—faster,
easier, and with more consistency.


Save editing time and achieve consistency by storing callouts,
title slides, or an entire intro sequence for later reuse.

Copy and paste

Reuse transitions, zooms, and other effects—just copy and
paste to a different spot on the timeline or add it to the library.

YouTube upload

Get in front of millions! Produce and upload HD-quality videos
to YouTube without leaving Camtasia Studio.

Grab attention with new callouts

Enhanced callouts

Give your screencasts a visual makeover with new callout styles
and an easy way to make your own—now with support for image

Keystroke callouts

Make keystrokes visible to viewers! Camtasia Studio takes note
of any keyboard shortcuts used during recording and shows the keys
as a graphic overlay.

Sketch motion callouts

Call attention to the important bits with animated shapes that
appear to be hand-drawn right onto the video.

Enhance with powerful editing

Precision volume controls

Fade the volume of an audio track up and down at any point in your
video, using simple controls built into the timeline.

Editable cursor effects

Help viewers follow along by enlarging the mouse pointer, making
it a spotlight, or visualizing clicks.

Smarter SmartFocus

TechSmith’s SmartFocus technology places smoother, more accurate
zooms and pans so your content always looks sharp —a huge

Check out more about Camtasia Studio 7 here!

Always look amazing

Sleek, new interface

Find and use more of the product’s features…and get
projects done faster.

Optimized screen recorder

Our capture engine now boosts frame rates by up to 50%—for
smoother motion when recording things like 3D design software, real
world video, or Flash animations.

Eye-grabbing media assets

Your library comes stocked with professionally-designed media assets
from Digital Juice …with the possibility to add more.

Check out more about Camtasia Studio 7 here!

Peter Gillberg
Software Headline